Unique Decor Ideas for Living Room ( 18 Pics)

Decor Ideas for Living Room
Living room is all about entertainment and comfort at its best with cosy lightings to make the entire ambience even more serene. This is one space in the house that remains common to all and imbibes everyone’s personal choice to some extent. The most important decision for decorating the living room is to decide the area that would be used as the living room and the function for which the living room is being designed. The area should be wide and broad in square footage with an extensive wall for showcasing the major decor, lending the room a spellbound appearance. Furthermore, coming to terms with the necessity of the room helps in its sculpturing. It could be anything from social gatherings, to television watching, to study area. Hence, the purpose should be kept in mind.

Color scheme
The most eye catching feature of the living room is its wall color with one wall exclusively designed to add luxurious finishing to the whole color scheme. The overall look should remain balanced for suiting every mood and every personality that uses the area. Small spaces need to avoid bold colors. Use of radiant colors and patterns are advisable for large dimensional rooms. One of the major walls in this room showcases a television with a possible surround sound system. This forms one of the basis of living room. Peaceful walls beautifully decorated with optimum wall hangings, strategically organised artworks or designer pieces is the mantra for sophisticated and composed surrounding. The curtains, carpets, furniture and decorative materials should follow the particular color coordination pattern and theme of the entire room. These need to be deliberately planned in a professional way.

Poised lightings with LEDs imbibed into the false ceiling coupled with decorative LED lights for highlighting few areas of the room would be ideal for a living room. The lighting should also incorporate the purpose for which the living room would be made use of. For social gatherings, the lighting needs to have an option of immense brightness with a designer chandelier in the center. However, for tv watching dim lights that remain masked would be ideal. Side table lamps or water fall LED lights may also be showcased in the room for additional fancy. Some classy or antique lighting system may also be used for an obsolete appearance.

The furniture to be chosen for the living room remains the most mind boggling task of the entire decor. This again has to take care of the function for which the living room is being designed. However, a comfortable sofa with maximum possible sitting is a must. Seating furniture with storage is another possibility that can help the space remain composed and balanced. Side tables, center tables, showcases, television racks, book shelves, etc may also be chosen wisely as per the requirement of the users. Furthermore, comfortable recliners and single seaters are also evidently important. It remains imperative to understand that the room should not be cluttered with furniture but have open space for comfortable movement within. The color scheme of the furniture should remain in coordination with the overall color theme imbibed.


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