TV Cabinet Ideas ( 21 Pics)

TV Cabinet Ideas
Since decades, living rooms have been occupied with a television set. In some houses, people have television sets in their bedrooms or kitchens as well. A TV box always catches everyone’s eyes, including those of visitors. When a TV set is on, all family members are glued to it and are being entertained. They chat with each other, gossip, and munch on popcorn while watching TV. When it is off, visitors like to see how it has been showcased in the living room.

In order to find a decorative showcase for your TV, we have assembled some of the finest and luxurious TV Cabinet ideas for you. Though some of these are expensive, you can go for a reasonable alternative.

A Concealing TV cabinet
If you do not want your TV to be seen as a black box when it is off, then you can go for this concealing cabinet. Moreover, it will add a touch of design and fun to your living room. If your living room looks magnificent, then simply conceal your TV with a beautiful art piece or painting. This art piece needs to be in the form of curtain that can be pulled from the top when you want to watch TV.

A TV Lift Cabinet
Now, this sounds a bit expensive but is an impressive and practical idea. In this idea, you will have to mount your TV on an electronic lift. When it is off, it will instantly glide into the cabinet, displaying open book shelves. In this way, you can showcase some of our outstanding collections instead of displaying a TV set.

A Chimney place TV Cabinet
Hey, do not get scared. We are not telling you to install your TV in a chimney place. Not at all. We are simply telling you to create a false chimney place in your living room and install your TV in it. A wooden beading will add a touch of elegance to your room. Your living area will absolutely look stunning in this country style look. What about the speakers? Hide them inside the ceiling and be amazed when you watch TV.

A TV Frame Cabinet
Instead of wasting space and money on selecting the right kind of frames, go for this idea. In this idea, you will have to frame your TV with cabinets. Choosing a good color for your cabinets is important here. Though white will look great, you should also keep in mind the color scheme of your living room. When the cabinet doors are closed, it will look like your TV has been embedded in it. Plus, you can store ample things in the cabinets.

A Sliding Door TV Cabinet
Another simple yet chic idea to hide your TV set is to build sliding doors for it. The color of the doors must match with that of the rest of the cabinet. These doors look sleek and simple, and save a lot of space. When the doors are closed, no one will notice that there is a TV in the room.

A Multiple-Shaped TV Cabinet
If you do not want to hide your TV set, then you can definitely flaunt it with the help of good cabinets. One of the cabinets would be a multiple-shaped one. You can choose cabinets of different shapes and designs, and place it surrounding your TV set. The purpose is to create a lot of storage alternatives along with complementing the TV.

Create a Multi-functional Entertainment Unit
Instead of crowding your TV cabinet with unnecessary showpieces and antique items, create an entertainment wall instead. You can create a mixed cabinet of open and closed segments.  You can flaunt your DVD collection in the open cabinet while your headphones, and other audio-visual gadgets will be stored in the closed ones.

Use a Bright Colorful Palette
If you feel that there is a limited variety of TV cabinets, then you can always play with colors. Use bright colors instead of the usual solid ones to make your cabinet look colorful and bright. You may even choose a primary color palette for your TV cabinet. It means you will choose the primary colors – yellow, red and green for the cabinet doors to look classy.

Build a tall Library Cabinet for your TV
If you love both books and movies, then you can create tall, closed cabinets surrounding your TV. When the TV is on, enjoy a movie. Rest of the time, pick and read a good book from your awesome collection.
We hope that these lavish as well as budget-friendly ideas will suit your TV cabinet.

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