Theme ideas for decor boys room ( 27 photos )

Theme ideas for decor boys room
You can make out from the theme that it is a boys room. Boys room are completely different from girls room. There are no fancy colours or soft toys. From furniture to toys, everything in boys room is manly. There are large number of themes for your boys room. Here are some brilliant ideas.

1 Sports theme ideas for decor boys room
Boys love sports and this theme is probably the best for every boys room. There is a wide range of sports in the world and every boy is in deep love with one particular sport. This theme is greatly influenced by the regions as a particular sport might be famous in one country but may not have that much fame in the other country. Though there are several sports who have decent respect worldwide and regions don’t affect the fame. There is complete freedom to choose any sport for the theme.

Football is quite suitable for the theme as there are different clubs and the club’s flag and attire can be used as a theme. For instance, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, etc are some of the very famous clubs and are the theme of N number of boys rooms around the world. Cricket which is a very famous sport in countries like India, Australia, England,etc is also good for theme.

In cricket, there are no clubs and if there are, they are not famous. So the county you support, you can go for it as your theme. Also you can create a hall of fame where in you can go for mix bag of all time legends and current favourites. Apart from these, sport such as Baseball,. Basketball, etc. are also there for sports theme.

2 Science theme for decor boys room
For your little Einstein, who is in love with science and fiction, science theme will be perfect. You can ask him what grabs his attention more and proceed according to the choice of your boy. If your boy is interested in Space, you can have solar system painted on the walls and decorate the room with other material related to the theme. If your boy loves inventions, you can place scientists pictures with their name on it on the walls.

3 Superhero theme for boys room
Boys follow superhero very closely. With the evolution, superheros came out of the comic books to the big screen which has tremendously increased the fan base. If your boy is a die hard superhero fan, you can make him happy by having a superhero theme in his room. A lot many boys love Superman. So you can have a superman theme.

For this theme, you can have the walls painted with blue and red colour as they are the superman’s costume colors and at the background of the bed you can have a Superman symbol. The same can be followed for any other superhero depending upon the colours of his costume or his symbol.

4 Around the world theme based boys room
This is the dream of every boy to fly and explore different places of the world. Many boys dream about being a traveller. So if your boy loves travelling and wants to be a traveller, this theme is ideal for him. You can have different decorative materials such a Atlas book, globe, traveller books, pictures of famous places,etc in the room. For the walls, you can have a big map painted on the background wall of the bed. The map should be big enough to cover the entire wall. Other walls can be painted with any other bright colour.

5 Rockstar theme for boys room decor
Bands such as Coldplay, Green day, Nirvana, Linkin park, etc have delivered with some amazing music to the world and are loved across the globe. This theme is particularly for those who are in deep love with music and if your boy follows music passionately, go for this theme. For this theme, you can have big posters of the your boy’s favorite band or singer and place them on the walls. You can also place their famous lines or verses wallpapers on the walls. A good music system and other musical instruments will give the theme a final touch.

6 Sailors theme decoration ideas for boys room
Popeye was just not our favourite cartoon but it also sparked the love for sea and marine life. Boys who look forward to join the Marines or have a great love for the Marines, this theme is just for them. In this theme, you can either go for wallpapers or you can paint blue colour on the walls. Decoration material such as a small hand made ship, an aquarium, some pictures related to Marines,etc would be all to decorate the room.

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