Theme based decor ideas for kids room ( 26 photos )

Theme based decor ideas for kids room
Kids room give you a different vibe. It makes you feel happy, better and even calms you down. After your hectic day when you visit your kids room in the evening or at night to kiss them goodnight or to read a story to them before sleep, you feel peaceful. The main reason for it is the decor and theme of the kids room and your little one’s happiness. Theme of kids room should be the choice of kids and no one else should interfere.
So here are some of the brilliant theme ideas for your kids room.

1 Alphabet Theme
The most common theme in kids room is the alphabet theme. There is nothing much to do in this theme still it looks amazing. In this theme you can decorate the room with Alphabets and spellings, painted on the walls. This is ideal for younger kids or if you are expecting a baby.

The drawback with this theme is that it won’t last long not in term of durability but because of your kids choice. As your younger one will grow he might not like this theme and will ask you to replace it with some other theme.

2 Cartoon theme
Kids have always be fond of cartoons and their love for their favorite cartoon is immense and nothing can beat that. So this theme is suitable for most of the kids. All you need to do is just ask your kid about about his favourite cartoon and if you already know, then i must say, you are performing parenting very well. This theme can have different flavours. First, you can go with many random cartoon character which is the obvious one or Second, you can go with the favourite cartoon character or favourite cartoon show of your kid. It is better if you go for the second option as it pleases your kid more.

3 Superhero Theme
Superhero amaze us and just not kids, even adults follow superheroes and their series very closely. So if your kid is a superhero fan and if you want to surprise him/her, you can surely go for this. There are a variety of superheros ¬†out there but the one who is your child’s favourite should be there in his/her room. Usually boys are more excited about Action and prefer superheros where as girls like Barbie so you should according to that however this is not a statement but a general observation. You can also go for a movie based theme such as Avengers,etc for superheros and Frozen or barbie, etc for girls.

4 Sports theme
We all are obsessed with some or the other sport and the coming generation is on another level. We live the sport. So sports theme is just not for kids room but there are people who have sports theme in their entire house which is fair and looks amazing. Football and Cricket, the most popular sports in the world offer amazing themes as well. If your kid loves a particular football team, be it a club or the national theme, you can decorate the room  according to that. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, being the most popular clubs are wonderful for themes. You are free to take up any other also. The same goes with Cricket. Other sports such as Baseball, Ice hockey, basketball, etc are also a good option.

5 Space-Science Theme
If your kid is sincere and the cool one and loves science over any other thing, you can go for this theme. The above themes won’t be ideal for him but science theme will surely bring a smile on his face. In this theme, you should go for things your child fantasies about. For instance, if your kid is curious and loves space shuttles and rockets, you can have pictures of those on the walls and same goes in the selection of toys. If he likes science more, you can bring different science instruments to his room to decorate it. Pictures on walls of some formula displayed in interesting manner, this can also be done.

6 Marine life theme
Sea life is the most unique theme in the list and is perfect if your kid loves Marine life. There are a lot many things than can be done in this theme. Walls of the room can be covered with wallpaper related to Marine or can be painted with blue colour because it closely resembles water. An aquarium with a variety of fishes with a small Scuba diver toy in it. Books related to Marine life in the shelf will be all.

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