Teens bedroom ideas ( 25 pictures )

Teens refer to boys and girls who fall under the age 13-19. These people are called adolescents and their favorites vary from both kids and adults. They start understanding the world slowly but they expect things to be more funny or mysterious or surprisingly beautiful. World will be like an oyster to them and it’s our foremost concern to know their interests and design a perfect room for them so that they feel their peak comfort in the bedroom. Here we suggest you the tips to décor a teens bedroom with all trendy features

Choose Tactile texture
Teen boys and girls love to spend more time in their room than anywhere else. They expect privacy and space to have their own fun. They appreciate some room ideas like velvet wallpapers, hanging curtains to divide space, fur rug, soft and comfy bedding, hang fringe and pillows with bedcovers of various Colors and textures.

Use dark and bright Colors for accent wall
For teen girls emphasize on Colors and patterns instead of themes. But for boys, themes must be taken great care. Teens are always colorful in their thoughts. Bold color palettes to the vintage pieces make a chic cover-up.
Increase glamorous interest
Ceiling decals add more glam interest to the room and also they are inexpensive yet give a discerning appearance. If you have textured ceiling, do not opt for decals and instead use stencils and paintings.

Wall filled with memorable moments
Create a net with interlocked ribbons to place your memory telling photos and all paper materials. This idea provides you comfort for even replacing things or changing their places when mood swings.
For your bookworm
Place many creative bookshelves either wooden or metallic. A smart suggestion for you is turning a ladder into bookshelf that will look space efficient and also easy to take.

For sports loving teen boys
Boys addict to sports and find their favourite sportsmen. When we do a little research on our children’s special people or things, we can gain a lot of happiness from their surprised nature on the beautiful bedroom. Place wallpapers related to their sports or model their shelves in the form of skating boards. Keep many items of their favourite things like caps, bats or balls. We get beds in the model of sports items, chairs like a colourful ball, etc. which add more creativity to the bedroom. A small gym can be designed inside the bedroom or a separate area with indoor games. Based on the available space, décor the bedroom with their favourite sports items in an efficient manner.

Future musician’s bedroom
Music is a pleasant art that is loved by all. Teens who get attached to music must have their bedrooms designed with violin or guitar wallpapers. Plan a separate area for their favourite musical instrument like keyboard or drums. Place a creative rack for musical discs. Wall textures can be done with musical notes and ceiling can also be decorated with decals related to music. Avoid crowding of any specific decals. Some areas like study table etc. must be left blank. Plan for a neat beautiful bedroom that your teen loves to settle.

Polar bedrooms
Some teens mostly girls love to live in icy polar regions. Even if we place an air conditioner, an atmosphere with Penguins and light blue hues surrounded by oceanic wall papers, igloo model beds, ice bed carpets create this lifestyle.

Create a good storage facility
Teenagers and neatly arranged rooms is a very rare combination. They are busy enough to keep things at right place. Creating a good storage place for each and every item they use, make them comfortable to take and keep things and also for quick tidy appearance.
Necessary storage essentials in a teens room are storage bins under the bed, shelves, dressers and a cabinet wall surrounding the bed.

Thus we hope the above ideas help you to create a comfortable bedroom for your precious teenager. Focus on their favorites and emphasize on them. They need three vital areas in their bedroom: Study area, comfy bed and place to chit-chat with friends. When we think deep in their thoughts, we find a perfect solution for this search of giving best to our children.

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