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Living rooms are arguably the soul of the house. Each and every item in a living room attains a significance that is way more than it will if it was placed anywhere else in the house. That is the nature of a living room. And precisely because of this we have to be that much more careful while deciding on the décor that is going to adorn this space. Another feature that sets the living room apart from the other rooms in a house is its multipurpose usability. This is the space where people gather for social functions, family time and all kinds of other gatherings. As a result its imperative that all the elements in a living room are versatile in their function so as to accommodate a wide variety of guests and activities. The tables deserve a special mention and care here, for they are the most defining feature in a living room along with the couch. But even in that case a table stands out more than a couch, and therefore it can ruin the entire set up if not carefully chosen.

Center tables are that evergreen element in a living room which never seems to be going out of fashion. Its almost taken for granted that a center table will the first item on our list when we set out to furnish our living rooms. The abundance of varieties when it comes to center tables can make choosing it a tedious task, but it also adds to the fun. From wooden tables, to glass paneled, and metal finishes, tables set in stones like marble or granite, the options are endless. The choice for the type of center table should be made on the basis its merging quality with the rest of the décor including lights, and paints.

Antique items are always a great item to beautify our homes. The same can be done for the living rooms. Antique tables can be used as coffee tables or as book tables. If not genuinely antique, one could also go for cheap rip offs which can be used to adorn the place no less.

Low seating tables provide a very informal vibe to the room. People can just sit around the table on the floor during get togethers. It is a very comfortable and relaxing addition to the living room to ensure that it doesn’t attain a very formal vibe. A centerpiece can also be placed on the table which can be anything ranging from an ornate vase to picturesque framed postcards. Low seating tables can be complemented by a matching carpet on the floor to unify it.

Living room tables are an integral part of the entire space and it always helps if it is made to be the central character as well, because a handsome table can really hold the room together and give an entirely complete and regal look to the entire living room.

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