Table décor ideas to delight your kid’s birthday! ( 25 Pics)

Table décor ideas to delight your kid’s birthday!
“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day our child born and the day we discover why” said by William Barley.
A Kid’s birthday in a home is the biggest festival of that year.  To celebrate the birthday of the only meaning in this world for the parents and to rejoice the kids once a year on their birthdays is a gift to both.

The princes and angels in every home wait for a full year for this day and making it a memorable one brings happiness not only to the kids but also to the parents.  It’s a day filled with excitement and fun for the kids and to make it better is the parents wish.  A look at the kid’s happy and satisfied face on the birthday could bring in the much-needed morale booster for the parents to pursue with their work with enthusiasm, overcoming all issues for the full next year.

Decorations bring lasting memories for a lifetime.  In the hard-hitting life, these memories could be savored to bring back life into everyone’s life. An innovative decoration which differs from the previous years or the ones celebrated by others brings in the utmost happiness to kids.

Kids discover one new thing every day and making it special on their birthday should be the way of showing the love to the kids. A kid’s world is full of colors, dolls, balloons, flowers, toys, gifts, songs, stories, games, cartoons, and to understand their world and bringing the simple desires on their birthday makes them happier.

Decoration at home: To announce the kid’s birthday to the neighborhood with garlanding the house with flowers and decorating the fences with colorful paper banners cuttings, and birthday wishes in charts around the house will make the kid feel special, adored and bring in a sense of importance among the neighborhood.

Decoration in the celebration room: The room where the birthday is celebrated is to be decorated with full of colors and passion.  The balloons play a major part in any kid’s celebration.  The colorful balloons craftily decorated in the room could bring in the festival ambience.  The guests and most importantly the kids will enjoy the colorful balloons and it will be the talk among them for a few days.  The colorful paper charts, color paper cuttings, garlands, and photos of previous birthdays could bring in the festival mood for the guests as well as the host and especially for the birthday kid.

   Table décor for kid’s birthday: The center of attraction on a kid’s birthday is the table with the birthday cake in it.  All the attention and focus of the guests will be on the birthday table.  So special attention and care with passion should be applied in decorating the kid’s birthday table.

Size of the table: According to the size of the cake and the number of guests the size of the table should be determined.  If it is a big birthday bash for a large number of guests, the table should be bigger to accommodate all the necessary things.

   Tablecloth: A reusable, colorful, bright, with pictures, and soft tablecloth should be spread across the table.  It should be in sync with the other items spread on it and give a pleasant look.

Cakes with care: If the birthday table is the center of attraction it is the birthday cake which will not only be savored by everyone but also to be the center point of talk on the birthday.  The name of the kid with special mention like how special the kid is to the parents and others should be written on the cake.

This will make the kid rejoice with other kids and show how much the kid is cared for by the parents to the kid’s friends. The color of the cake should be adored by the kid and the others.  The taste should be mouthwatering and one to be remembered for a long time to come.  The shape of the cake is to be made with imagination and to the desire of the kid.  The size depends on the consumption of the cake.

   Cupcakes:  Cupcakes of different shape and color can be kept around the table for decoration and to be savored by the guest kids.
Decorations with various cookies around the table are not only a treat to see but one which could have fun eating them.

Kid’s photo on cups and plates: The table can be decorated with plates and cups which have the kid’s photo printed on them.  This will bring immense happiness to the kids to see their photos and watch others enjoying their photos in the cups and plates.

Kid’s birthday throne: A special attention is to be given to the chair of the birthday kid.  It should be decorated as a throne for a special feeling to the kid which will bring in a very good positive attitude of being someone special with the kid.

Creative décor with snacks and fruits: Snacks and fruits could be decorated around the table in an innovative and imaginary way that will have long-standing memory to the birthday kid and others
The kid’s birthday should end with wishes and gifts.  The guest kid enjoys certain creative gifts like party hats, pens with the birthday kid’s name and many more to make the party well remembered.

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