Study table ideas for kids ( 23 photos )

Study table ideas for kids
Study table is where brilliant minds work. Study table for anyone is of great importance because our concentration for studying is highly affected by how our study table is. Just the way Adults want a study table, the kids also need a study table.
So if you are looking for a study table for you young one, here are some of the ideas to help you.

1 Simple study table

The basic type of study table for kids is a simple study table. If your young one is simple and sober, you can go for a basic wooden study table. It is highly advisable that you should not go for a steel table. Steel tables have pointed edges which can hurt and harm badly to your young one. Also steel tables are out dated and gives an old school feel. Plastic tables are also good but their durability is doubtful. They cannot be repaired. So Wooden study table is the best choice.

2 Foldable Study table
If there is not enough space in the house for a permanent study table, you can go for foldable study table. Whenever your kid wants to study or wants to do his homework you can place the study table and when not in use, you can keep it aside. Foldable study table also let your child choose place for studying. If he feels to sit outside or in any other part of the house, you can simply place the study table.

3 Study Table with drawers
To keep his accessories such as colours, pencils, etc. kid needs a study table that has drawers. Your kid can keep all his accessories in the drawers and will not have to get up to get them every time he needs them. Also his accessories will be safe and will not be miss placed. If you have two or more kids who use the same study table, then you should go for a study table that has many drawers so that everyone gets his personal drawer and there will be no fightings for the drawer.

4 Study table with shelfs
Shelfs make your child more organized. Your child can keep all his belongings in the shelfs right in front of his eyes. You can divide the shelf for him. A part of the shelf can be used for his school books and the other part for his story books. If there is enough space on the shelf, he can also place some of his toys on it. You just need to make sure that the height of the shelf should not be be much and that your kid has easy access to his belongings.

5 Place a board
A board in front of the table is very useful for your kid. He can stick all his important things on the board and if he is too small for that, you can do it for him. Pins should not be used to hold up the papers on the board as they can hurt the fingers of your little one. Glue or plastic pins would be good. If you don’t find a study table with a board or it is too expensive for you, you can simply put a normal board and that will do.

6 Table lamps
Table lamps are the most important part of Study tables. It is necessary for everyone to study in proper light and for kids it is of great importance. I am sure you don’t want your kid to have glasses because of insufficient light. Insufficient lights also give headaches and you don’t feel like studying. So table lamps are needed. It is better if you go for hanging light as continuously looking at the table lamps also effect the eyes.

7 Proper seating
Kid can still manage with a table but he cannot and should not manage with the chair. A chair should have certain qualities. Firstly it should be comfortable. Sitting on the chair should not be a pain as kids spend a lot of time on the chair doing their homework or other work. A discomforting chair can cause serious back bone problems. It is better if the chair is a bit flexible to avoid lower back pain. Secondly it should be proper highted.

Chair should be according to the height of the kid. If the kid’s height is small, the chair should be of sufficient height to match with the height of the table and vice versa. Also the chair should be stable and should not shake when someone sits on it. It has to be balanced.

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