Small Space Bathroom Decor Ideas ( 20 images )

Small Space Bathroom Décor Ideas
You have the world’s tiniest bathroom and you lament about it. Don’t worry. We have got some brilliant small space bathroom décor ideas. These ideas will not only make your bathroom cosy and comfortable but will also elevate your mood.

Before you choose and implement a décor idea, you need to consider the following pointers:
Budget – Always think twice before opting for an expensive theme. Your bathroom is a small space and hence, you have to renovate it in as minimum budget as possible.

Optimize each small space – Each corner means a lot. Hence, utilize clever ideas and optimize all the small spaces in your bathroom. You could install a storage cabinet or incorporate a beautiful pattern in your bathroom and utilize the empty spaces.

Focus on the essential – Do not for unnecessary elements. You have to keep all the essential items in a bathroom and make it comfortable. All the things should be kept in a position that it is convenient for you to pick them up.

Focus on the hygiene aspect – A bathroom is an important place in your house that targets on personal hygiene. Hence, plan regular schedules to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic after every time you use it.

We always wish for a larger space in a home. If you are craving for a larger bathroom, then these are certain ideas that will help in appearing your small bathroom space to look a bit larger. All you have to need is some effort and apply creative thinking in certain aspects.

Use of Mirrors
One of the simplest and most common strategies to make your bathroom look bigger is installing a few mirrors. If you install large mirrors at the right places, then it will create an impression of ample space. Moreover, it gives a classy touch too.

Use of beautiful wallpapers
People often get confused while choosing a perfect colour scheme for the bathroom. It is a tiny space and the confusion keeps increasing about the colours to be used for painting bathroom walls. We have an age-old trick for you. Line up your walls with world’s beautiful and appealing wallpapers. You can even cover the top ceiling with another one that matches with the wallpaper. The entire look of the bathroom enhances and you are transported into a different world. Well, it won’t give you the illusion look of a larger space but will make your bathroom elegant to use.

The home décor industry offers a wide variety of wallpapers. Guess what? You can even change your bathroom wallpaper after a certain years when it becomes monotonous to look at.

Use of floral wallpapers for floor as well as ceiling
As we have already discussed about wallpapers in the previous point, let us elaborate into detail with an amazing idea. Incorporate a floral wallpaper for floor as well as ceiling. The powder room will look wonderful if you apply this trick. We have always used wallpapers for walls but the ceiling and flooring is ignored. But this idea will convert your tiny bathroom into an attractive one.

Use global décor items
We agree that this one is an expensive one but if you are fascinated and determined to enhance your bathroom décor, then definitely go for it. Pick up furniture and décor from various countries. For instance, the floor tiles are of Spain, rug and curtains are from India, sink cabinet is from Italy. It would be an impressive moment to flaunt about your décor in front of your friends and relatives.

Convert your powder room into a boathouse
If your tiny bathroom is surrounded by a calm and serene lake view, then you can choose the boathouse theme for your powder room. The bathroom should be installed in such a way that it has views of the surrounding lake. Use a white colour scheme for the walls, ceiling and flooring. For a more elegant feeling, keep a bench just beside the bathtub.

Use Ornamental décor
If you want a royal look for your bathroom, then one can use ornamental décor items. For instance, the mirror, the bathtub, the stool, the sink, and the fittings must be comprised of ornamental elements. If you implement this idea, then the narrowest bathroom space will also look classy.

Use of metallic and marble details
As mirrors are commonly used, we have another idea for making the bathroom look large as well as stylish. Choose décor, floor and tiles in a metallic-marble combination. It requires a lot of custom designing but the overall look will be great.
Thus, these small space bathroom décor ideas will help in renovating your home.

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