Small Kids Room Setup Ideas ( 21 photos )

Small Kids’ Room Setup Ideas
You can manage with a small kitchen, with a small bedroom, with a small living room. But when it comes to a small kids’ room, then you feel that decorating, stacking and recreating it is a challenging task. You cannot let them compromise with a small bedroom. They need more space to have fun, play indoor games, read books, conduct kids’ parties, and book reading sessions or simply to prepare a project chart.

However, if you apply a touch of inspiration and creativity, then you can still turn your kids’ small room into a fun and appealing space. Before we move with our brilliant ideas, let us go through some of the simplest ones. One of them could be inspiring for you, one never knows!

  • Beds: In case of two or more kids, bunk beds are a perfect choice. A permanent and an easy solution for your space problem. If you have only one kid, then you can choose sleeper beds that come with mid and high levels. You can add layers of storage to these beds or even a single bed for guests.
  • Storage spaces: Built-in storage spaces are amazing for a small kids’ room. You can incorporate them in a bed or even have side tables and study tables within it. If you are not a huge fan of built-in storage, then you can get a wardrobe along with a set of drawers designed as per the measurements. Remember that each inch of space counts in a small room, hence be careful about it.
  • Walls: Shelves and units hung on walls are great for space optimization. Open shelves provide ease to the kids in placing things instantly. However, if you want to avoid collection of dust and dirt on your valuable belongings, then prefer cabinets with vibrant colors. You can even get portable storage spaces that can be stacked when in need of extra space.
  • Corners: Always keep in mind that even though it is a small room, it has four corners which offer you storage space ideas. Corner storage tables or units work better. A canvas bin, a comfortable seating area, a tiny book shelf, or a laundry bag can serve the purpose.
  • Color scheme: How can we forget the color scheme? White color scheme gives a visual appearance of a large room. But do you think a white color scheme will suit your kids’ room? Hence, choose a color scheme that gives a ‘big room look’ and also adds a theme to it. Rugs, cushions, curtains, carpet all are included in the list.

Optimize the space between two furniture items
Do not keep space empty when it can be optimized with the right kind of furniture items. For instance, the space between the storage unit and the bed. Place a side table-cum-shelf and add a colored wall unit. Not only does it renders more space to play, but also utilizes the space between two furniture.

Optimize the corners
As we already mentioned in the above pointers, a corner is vital and can be utilized effectively. A desk will act as a study table for the kid, provided you decorate with adjacent wall with a wall art scheme or a collection of nice images. If it a girl’s room, then you can place a corner table that even act as a dressing table. Here is the trick with the chair. Your chair should be such that it can be tucked underneath the table so that the corner doesn’t look messy. Choose colors wisely, pink suits a girl’s room while blue goes with a boy’s room. Decorate and innovate, goes the rule.

Brighten up the walls
Apart from a vibrant color scheme, the walls can be painted with a nice theme such as mountains, animals or even a forest. A small room looks appealing for the kids.

Add storage to the bunk beds
We have already discussed that bunk beds are great. But what if you add another storage layer underneath it? It won’t look messed up, if you know how to place it. You can use colorful patterned crates and place it under the bunk bed. Use small-sized crates, personalize them with labels and prefer to keep toys and books that are needed for a short-term period.

Skip the wardrobe, opt for a clothes rail
Instead of blocking the space with a solid and space-consuming wardrobe, go for a clothes rail that can be hung above a book shelf. The kids can easily spot their clothes and keep it organized.
Hope these ideas will make your small kids’ room appear appealing and fun.

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