Small Bathroom Setup Ideas ( 31 Pics)

Small Bathroom Setup Ideas
A small bathroom will sound clumsy to you. However, if you have no option left than to continue using the small bathroom, you can still convert it into a functional and classy space with some of these brilliant ideas.

Initially, your mind itself will be clogged with questions as to where are you going to install the wash basin, place the towels, hang the towel hooks, and have more storage space for accessories, supplies and toiletries. These ideas will give you better insights about how you can plan the setup of your small bathroom.

Placement of the wash basin
The placement of the wash basin or the sink is vital, particularly if it is in the passage. If you have a tiny bathroom, do not create a traffic jam by placing a sink in the middle of the way. In case two persons want to stand in the bathroom at the same time, it will create chaos unnecessarily. Hence, the best location of the wash basin would be in the farthest corner. Instead of having it near the shower, place it near the toilet.

Selecting the right kind of shower closure
If you are a huge fan of shower glass doors, then it will occupy additional space in the bathroom. So, please keep it aside and become a crazy fan of shower curtains. Another advantage of selecting a shower curtain over a glass door is that you can choose colors of your own choice, patterns, textures, prints, and so on. Hence, whenever you will feel like decorating your small powder room, you can replace the curtains and the rugs with the exquisite ones. Simple as it is! A curtain saves a lot of space and costs.

Instead of creating separate spaces for shower and tub, save more space by buying a shower-cum-tub combo. It will simplify your bathroom and create additional space for moving around as well as for storage. You can even fit a patterned rug in the middle of the bathroom.

Choosing a perfect vanity
It is not that simple to choose a vanity that fits into your bathroom. Choose one that frees floor space and that is round in shape. If a vanity has a shelf, then it will add value as one can store towels and napkins in it.

An extended counter creates more space
If you have a counter over the toilet, then try to extend it with a nice pattern. It will add space to keep items that grab attention. The toilet placement will not be hampered by any means. The small powder room looks attractive and clean, as the visual factor is also taken into consideration.

Use a glass panel instead of a shower door
A glass shower door has become common in most of the bathrooms. If your bathroom is small, then you can use a glass panel instead of a door, separating the toilet and the shower with a safe distance.

Extend the mirror above the vanity
Since it is a small bathroom, it does not mean you have to place a small mirror above the vanity. Instead, opt for a large mirror that extends the entire wall. If two people would like to use the mirror, they can do it at the same time. And of course, big mirrors create an appearance of a big bathroom.

Go for a trough sink
In case you want to skip the typical wash basin, then opt for a trough sink. Trough sink serves with two advantages. Firstly, since it is wall-mounted, it saves space for storing items and allowing foot traffic in the bathroom. Secondly, they look clean and minimalist, giving an elegant look to the bathroom.

Optimize the window space
If you do not have space to hang your mirror, then use your window instead. It serves the purpose and also vanishes the concern of privacy.

Opt for a washstand
Are you worried where to hang wet towels in the bathroom? Then, here is the idea. Simply install a washstand below the sink so that you do not have to install towel bars everywhere in the bathroom.

Keep walls simple
If you want to keep your flooring patterned, then opt for simple walls. Do not mix prints and designs everywhere. A small bathroom will look chic if you have proper patterns at the right place.

Towel racks above the tub
It is messy to search for a towel when you raise out of the bathtub. Have towel racks above the tub instead and save your effort.
Thus, these small bathroom setup ideas are not only practical but will also look chic.

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