Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas ( 20 pictures )

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A bathroom is a space in the house which has certainly fixed furniture fittings like the sanitary fixtures along with other niches and corners in it to design according to personal preferences and requirements. Because of the restriction of a larger space in a small bathroom, it becomes very essential to design the available area in a smart manner to avoid cluttering of a lot of items in it. A few changes in single entities in a small bathroom can help in changing the entire appearance of the bathroom space. Appropriate design strategies and principles must be applied to put the available space into maximum use. Some of the interesting bathrooms remodel ideas for small bathroom area are as follows:

  • Alteration in storage space:

Storage space is an essential part of a smaller or larger bathroom area. If this space is being meticulously designed and used as per the plan and layout of the bathroom and the sanitary fixtures, then it can help in changing the entire appearance of the bathroom space. Usually, a bathroom has different sizes of cabinets installed in it to keep the storage essentials in it. This can be replaced by a floating shelf to make the look of the storage space more interesting. Instead of the standard storage shelves or cabinets, a colorful ladder can be used to display the storage of towels and other toiletries for regular use. This will not only help in remodeling the bathroom area but also make the appearance of the small space quite captivating to the eye.

  • Management of functionality:

A small bathroom can often lead to a cluttered mess inside it if the utilization of the space is not being planned according to the functionality. All the components used in a small bathroom space must serve the basic requirement of functionality along with a tinge of aesthetic appeal. There can be hamper installed under the sink or basin area. Different items of daily use in the bathroom can be stored in layered racks and shelves rather than keeping it for display. The counter space can be kept empty by smart storage of personal belongings. For a small bathroom area, smart storage of all the items will definitely help in changing the appearance and mess inside the bathroom. This proves to be one of the intelligent ways of remodeling the smaller bathroom space.

  • Changing the wall color and décor:

A right color palette for the bathroom makes a lot of difference in changing the appearance and helping in remodeling the space. A combination of mild and bold color palette can help in creating an illusion of larger space and cleanliness inside the bathroom. Different styles of décor can also be explored with the use of varied color palettes and textures to create an accent wall or to make one wall the highlight of the small space in the bathroom. There are numerous options which can be explored if one wants to remodel the bathroom space with the help of wall décor and color scheme. It also proves to be one of the budget-friendly methods to remodel and bring about slight changes in the bathroom space.

  • Creating a highlighted finish:

A small furniture item like the cabinet or a wall décor in half of the wall or just a strip of highlighted building material like granite or wall tile can create that finishing look and aesthetic appeal in the bathroom space. It can range from a cost-effective to a luxurious design choice based on the usage of the material and the element of décor chosen. In this particular alternative, there is no need to change the entire bathroom area but only a change in a small element can suffice the requirement and change the overall appearance of the bathroom. Even accent lighting can be used for this particular choice of bathroom décor to maximize the highlighting effect of certain spaces.

  • Utilization of mirrors:

This is one of the intelligent ways of designing the bathroom area for the creation of illusion in small spaces. Mirrors create reflections which not only adds a luxurious look to space but also helps enhance the space size and orientation with the help of it. Precaution and care must be taken to not go over the board with the design and organization of mirrors in these small spaces. This can be meticulously combined with a prolific flooring or wall pattern to create a feel and ambiance of opulence.

Apart from these options, many other creative ideas can be explored by taking a professional guidance from an experienced interior designer.



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