Shower Stalls Ideas ( 24 images )

Shower Stalls Ideas
In every house, a bathroom is meant for cleanliness and personal hygiene. However, it does not mean that decorating a bathroom is a boring task.  The home décor industry is offering a wide range of bathroom décor items such as fittings, bathtubs, towels, rugs, mats and even shower stalls.

If you wish to renovate your bathroom instantly with a simple change, then having a shower stall will definitely work. The home décor industry offers various kinds of shower stalls. A shower stall will be most appropriate for a modern-styled bathroom, adding a touch of elegance and classy look to it.
In order to make your powder room more cosy and chic, let us explore some of the coolest shower stall ideas. We promise that you will love them to incorporate in your powder room.

Shower stalls for small-sized bathrooms
If your bathroom is small in size, then you can opt for corner shower stall. You can even choose the type of material to be used for a shower stall. For instance, if you install a glass shower stall in a small-sized bathroom, then your powder room will not only look bigger and spacious but will also look elegant. Yes, you also have options to install shower stalls with other type of materials such as stone and wood.

Cosy and comfortable shower stall
In case of a modern-styled bathroom, install a shower stall having glass panels on three of its sides. A seat needs to be placed at one side. On one side of the shower stall, install storage cabinets to make space for your towels and other essential items. Place a bench adjacent to it. Nothing can be comfortable and cosy like this kind of powder room.

French-styled shower stall
A French-style shower stall has French doors. If you feel that glass walls would be too simplistic for your powder room, then you can embed a shower stall of this design. You need not choose only black colour for the French doors. You can evaluate your bathroom walls carefully and choose the colour of your choice and which suits the powder room scheme.

A marble shower stall
If you are not a glass person, then you can install shower stalls made out of stone such as marble. If your chandelier or a slab of vanity is also made up of marble, then it will be a perfect combination.

Walls and flooring of the shower stall
You may install a simple shower stall in your bathroom. You can accentuate the shower stall by choosing appropriate walls and floor designs. For instance, if your bathroom walls are painted of muted blue, then you can choose white and black tiles for the floor and walls of the shower stall. There is no need to maintain similarity in the walls and ceiling of the shower stall and rest of the bathroom. Blend both the places with perfect colours.

Hexagon shower stall
Yes, we know that a simple glass door shower stall must be boring for you now. If you love differently shaped designs and patterns, then install hexagon shaped shower stall in your bathroom. It adds a touch of geometric creativity to your bathroom and enhances the overall elegance.

A curved shower stall
We have already discussed hexagon shaped shower stalls in the previous idea. If you are looking out for more elegance, then a curved or a circular shaped shower stall will work as a wonder. You will have a mesmerizing experience during a shower in your piece of innovation. But for a curved one, you need to have lot of space in the bathroom.

Beach-style shower stall
You must have seen this kind of shower stall in the movies. If you have plans of installing a shower stall at your weekend homes, then a beach-styled one will serve the purpose and create the magic. If there is a serene view, then it will be an add-on.

Create a house for a shower stall
Why not create a house instead of a glass shower stall? A combination of tiles and glass is essential for building this kind of shower stall. For instance, glass can be used for the door and windows while tiles can be used for the walls. It will look classy with a marble bathtub adjacent to it. Do not forget to apply the white colour scheme for the rest of the bathroom.

Block design
If you need more inspiration for your creative shower stall, then we have a unique idea for it. Choose a glass block shower stall for your bathroom and enhance its overall beauty.
Thus, these elegant shower stall ideas are worth for creating a functional yet appealing bathroom at your house.

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