Shower enclosure ideas ( 20 Pics)

Shower enclosure ideas
The bathroom of our house is an essential feature which can’t be ignored. The decor of the washroom needs to be thought out properly. The shower area is the first thing that catches the attention of the person entering the washroom. Having a nice shower enclosure increases the likeability of your washroom. The key factor in choosing the right shower enclosure design for your washroom is to make sure that it matches the overall design of the place and accentuates the look of the washroom. Rather than picking up a simple looking shower enclosure you can choose a much more appealing one, here are some of the best shower enclosure ideas that will help you in making a choice.

A glass cubical in the center of the washroom
This kind of shower enclosure works well if you have a decent about of space dedicated for your washroom. Make sure that you get a glass door for the enclosure. As the cubical is going to be placed around the wall in the center position you won’t want to have water all over the place, so a door is a must. To enhance the looks as well as to make the shower for fun you can add shower heads on the wall as well as on the ceiling of the enclosure.

Dual entry shower enclosure
This type of enclosure looks simplistic and elegant. All you need to do is to place a glass partition in the washroom and give two entries. You can either leave the entry points open or place a glass door as well. Leaving the entries open makes the enclose look more systematic and elegant.

A corner entry rectangular or circular glass enclosure
This type of shower enclosures are the most commonly used ones. The best thing about these enclosures is that they don’t take up much space and can be easily installed in any washroom. Whether you choose a rectangular or a circularly shaped enclosure completely depends on your preference. As the enclosure is attached to two walls it means that you can add more shower heads easily, which is always a great idea.

Sliding door shower enclosure
The common problem that a lot of people share is not having enough space for a shower enclosure. If you don’t have enough to place a simple door or need the extra space for some other washroom attachments then a sliding door can be a great option. It not only helps in managing the available space in the best possible manner but also looks very stylish. Sliding door looks good with any washroom style and size.

Textured glass shower enclosure
If you want to have some added privacy for the shower area without compromising on the style factor then picking up a textured glass shower enclosure is an amazing idea. It will not only provide you with an added layer of privacy but will also increase the overall style quotient of your washroom.

Framed shower enclosure
This is yet another amazing option available. Choose a bronze or chrome finish for the frame and pick a style that suits your taste and then put the glass to fill the frame. This gives an elegant and stylish look to the washroom.

A small separate room like the shower enclosure
If you wish to have a classic looking shower enclosure then this is the one for you. All you need is to build a separate small room like structure in your washroom and leave space to put some glass panel on it. To make the enclosure look charming use tiles on the outer layer of the enclosure. This will give it a classy look.

Shower enclosures are something that drastically improves the looks of a washroom. All these ideas will help you in getting a washroom of your dreams. Choose the enclosure that suits your taste and compliments the overall design of your washroom. The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing the design of the enclosure is the space that you have at your disposal. Pick the design according to the available space.

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