Shoe storage ideas ( 25 images )

Shoe storage ideas
There are multiple belongings and essential items with human beings that they wish to store and cherish in their personal space inside the house. Some people can afford to design luxurious space for the storage of such items while others can just use intelligent techniques and design strategies to put the available space into maximum use. One such kind of storage concern is always there with the storage of different types of shoes. There are various spaces in the house which generally remained unused but they can be put into good optimum use if adequate design principles and creative ideas are being utilized. Such spaces include the space beneath the staircase or stairwell or a free space along an empty wall which can be used for the storage of shoes. Some of the innovative shoes storage ideas are as follows:

Under the staircase:
This is one of the space in the house which is not often put to any use. This can be an ideal space to install a drawer or shelf that can be pulled horizontally towards the outer side which will make it convenient to use and store the shoes. It is the best option to choose as it saves a lot of space and also helps in utilizing the unused and waste space in an optimum manner. The shelves should be designed of different sizes to make it very convenient and effortless for use and storage. This can be used for storage of shoes in a small house which has restrictions of area and space.
Ladder design:
This is one of the modern ideas used for the display and storage of fancy and expensive shoes in the bedroom. It involves storage of shoes on the ladder in the empty and secluded corner of the room. The placement of the ladder in the room forms a very crucial aspect as it can substantially manipulate the look and feel of the space. Also, it should not interfere with the other furniture items in the bedroom so that it avoids the cluttering of multiple components in the room. The customized ladder can also be designed of different shapes and sizes to make it a sculpted piece of décor in the room along with a storage option.

Wall mounted racks:
This alternative is a very convenient one for the people who are falling short of an ample amount of floor space in their bedroom for installation of shelves and storage of different essential belongings. In such a case the wall space can be used to install and design racks which look aesthetically pleasing to store shoes. Such racks are commonly used and designed for the display and storage of books but their design can be considerably altered to store the shoes in it. A creative design and placement of racks on an empty wall for display and storage of shoes can also act as a feature wall in the room or highlight of the space.
Wooden wall cabinet:
This is one of the most innovative and cost-effective options for the storage of shoes as it makes use of the waste wooden crates and boxes for display and deposition. The wooden crates that come along with multiple numbers of items that are being brought or purchased are usually not put into any use. These wooden crates can be colored and decorated and then used to mount and fix on an empty wall which will make it look like a cubic wooden miniature storage. This space inside the wooden boxes can be used for storage of shoes. This choice of storage gives an opportunity to personalize and customize the storage space to a great extent.

Floor trolley storage:
This is a very popular trend which is used for the storage of shoes. It involves designing a horizontal trolley below the wardrobe area which can be pulled to store different sizes of shoes. It is an extremely convenient alternative but needs a considerable amount of horizontal and vertical storage space. The size and area of the floor trolley will mostly depend on the size and number of shoes required to be stored. It is a good option for storage in a walk-in wardrobe as it saves up a lot of vertical space on the wall. It is a concealed type of storage option which makes space look modular and uncluttered.
Apart from these options, various other techniques and creative design ideas can be used for the storage of shoes in the room or any other space in the house.

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