Setup Living room in Small Area ideas ( 14 photos )

Setup Living room in Small Area ideas
Living room is the most important room of the house. It is the room where we spend most of our time. It is important to design your living room properly. If you have a good space you can do a lot and try out many things to decorate it but if there is not enough space, you need to be smart and make the best use of the area.
So here are some of the ideas you can try for your living room setup in a small area

1 Make it ‘Cozy’
The first and the most important thing for your living room is that it needs to be cozy. We spend a lot of time in the living room so you need to make sure that your stay is comfortable. The first thing in the list would be your furniture. You need to look for a furniture that is comfortable. We usually lie down on the sofa and watch T.V and often we even do spend a night of that so it is of prime importance that it should be comfortable and should not hurt your back. The second in the list would be that there should be enough space for everyone to sit. If you feel sofa doesn’t serve the purpose, you can probably go for bean bags which are cool, comfortable and suitable for small area.

2 Play with scale
If you have a small area, don’t worry, you can make it look much bigger by the magic trick of play with scale. It is a simple yet effective technique. So all you need to do is, cover the wall till the ceiling. You can use paintings or the best would be your family pictures to cover the wall. Paintings will be an extra burden on your pocket but putting up your family pictures is less costly and also gives you a good feel. You can even narrate a story about the picture to people. So how this technique works? It simply bluffs your mind and gives an impression that the room is actually big in size but in reality it is not. You have just played the trick.

3 Furniture with Multiple uses
Go for a furniture that has multiple uses. This benefits you in two ways. First, you need not to buy many as one furniture can be used in multiple ways and second is that it will save a lot of space. The best example of this is Sofa cum bed. Sofa cum bed is certainly the best for a small area. In the day time it can used as a sofa and at night you can use it as a bed.

4 Avoid unnecessary material
If you have small space, you should avoid all the unnecessary items such as a night lamp. Night lamps, no doubt, look fancy and really add to the beauty of the room especially at nights when their dim lights gives you a relief, that’s priceless but they also cover a lot of space. To keep a night lamp you also need a stool or a small table which again adds an expensive. The best way to deal with it is to find another alternative of night lamps. Night lamps can be replaced with night bulbs and can be hung with the ceiling. They are cheap and capture no space and that’s why they are best for small rooms.

5 Use bright colours
You need be careful when you are choosing colours for your walls. The light shade colours are best for living rooms as they bring in a lot of positivity and peace. The benefits of light colours doesn’t end here. Bright colours also make your room look big in size as it reflects light and open up the area.

6 Use small furniture
It is advisable that you should not go for heavy and big furniture. The drawback of having big furniture is that it captures a lot of space and make the room look congested. Small furniture, on the other hand, needs less space and it is easy to move. It also leaves space in the room which make easy movement possible.

Also small furniture gives the feel that the there is sufficient space in the room. You can try this yourself. Place a big stool or a sofa in the room and take a picture and then replace it when the same but of a smaller size and take a picture again. Compare both the pictures and you will understand this theory.

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