Setup Dressing Room in Small Area ( 17 images )

Setup Dressing Room in Small Area
Since childhood, we dream of walking into a magnificent dressing room comprising of an exquisite chandelier, an amazing shoe and apparel collection, an elegant dressing table and a wide mirror on the wall. We all would love to have such a dressing area in our house. However, due to space and budget constraints, we need to push ourselves into reality.

Our real dressing area could be an empty wall or a tiny corner. But with all the fun and brilliant ideas, you can convert this small and messy place into a practical yet chic dressing area. Yes, a place that is cute and purposeful for you and which you will love immensely.
Let us go through some of these brilliant setup ideas for building a dressing room in a small area.

Opt for customized shelves
If you have a decent budget, then you can always opt for customized shelving, depending upon the space availability and your preferences. In case your budget is lesser, then you can buy shelves that can adjust with height. The point is to install shelves that can change in varying heights to store a number of items. You can stack the important items at the top which you will use occasionally while the regular ones can be fitted in the lower ones.

Hooks – Our own friends in storage spaces
You cannot pile hats, bags, ties, belts, coats and scarves in shelves. It looks very messy and it not a practical idea. At this time, hooks come to your rescue. Instead of blocking walls to place hooks, you can have them inside of the cupboard doors to optimize space. If you have a small walk-in wardrobe, then you can even place small metal bars instead.

Optimize drawer space
Do you think that a drawer can be used for storing a few things? Not at all. You can optimize a drawer space by dividing it into different segments. In these individual segments, you can store ties, wallets, stockings, socks, scarves, etc. With a simple division idea, you avail more space for your accessories. As these accessories need division and cannot be stacked in a shelf, this could be a better idea to sort them. You can easily pick up the tie and belt you want from the individual sections of the drawer.

A retractable wardrobe
You must have seen advertisements of such wardrobes on the television set. The retractable wardrobes are budget-friendly as well as space-friendly. Whenever you do not need it, you can easily fold them away. Available in different colors, you can choose as per the color scheme of your area. In case you keep shifting to rented houses, then this will save your money and efforts.

Optimize blank walls
Instead of blocking your blank wall with a painting, or leaving it blank, why not optimize it? You can flaunt your necklace or earrings collection on this wall by arranging them systematically. Instead of messing up the drawer with these delicate accessories, place them in an easily accessible way. They won’t get entangled and you can use the drawers for storing other accessories.

Place a shoe rack – but a roundabout one
How would you store your shoes? Mostly by placing them on a horizontal shoe rack. Hey, doesn’t it occupy a lot of space? You can innovate another way of storing them in a well-organized and space-optimized manner. A shoe carousel is a roundabout rack where you can place your shoes in an organized manner. You can place it in the corner of your dressing area and optimize the space. Recollect carousels in shoe–selling shops.

Flexible wardrobes
When we say flexible wardrobes, then your hanging spaces should be such that the hanging rods are easily adjustable and can be moved along. In this way, you are utilizing every inch of your wardrobe as per your apparel requirements.

Choose a common color for your hangers
Though multi-colored hangers look attractive, choose a single color for all your hangers. Your wardrobe will not look messy and will acquire a systematic, uniform look.

Use pull-it trays or pull-in hangers
Pull-in trays are a great idea to optimize space. Even in small kitchens, you must have seen pull-in trays are used as chopping board surfaces or for placing spoons and bowls. In a dressing area, you can use pull-in hangers instead for trousers and clothes that have a smooth, flowing texture. You do not even have to clutter the space with too much of hangers.
We hope these setup dressing room in small area ideas would be of great help.

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