Setup Dressing Area in Master Bedroom ( 12 images )

Setup Dressing Area in Master Bedroom
Everyone has a sweet dream of having a trendy and chic dressing room in their master bedroom. It is a sufficient space to stack all your favorite clothes, accessories, shoes, and self-care supplies. Setting up a dressing area is not at all a one-step process. You can modify it and make it a practical and organized space with limited resources. You have a number of options you can choose from.

Following are the points to consider to setup dressing area in a master bedroom.
Select the right kind of space
You cannot setup a dressing area wherever there is a vacant space. You should easily access the dressing area when you need it. For example, you need clothes and accessories to get ready after a shower. Hence, you can place your dressing area near your bathroom. One of the best ways to create a dressing area is converting a small space of your master bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe. This idea creates a distinct space for your dressing area.

Analyze your requirements
You have to first decide what all those things you want to fit in the dressing area. Your clothing, your shoes, your hats, and so on. If you have a nice collection of necklaces or coats, then would you like to flaunt it? Are you sharing this area with your spouse? Do you have another space for personal grooming? Think about all these requirements before you move to the next stage.

Select the right kind of style
Style occupies the next aspect before choosing furniture, lighting and color. What kind of style would like to adopt for your dressing area? A modern one, a traditional one, or a vintage one. The home décor industry offers a number of amazing styles for you. Also note in mind that the style you choose should suit with the master bedroom too. If your master bedroom is of vintage style, you cannot have a minimalist look in your dressing area.

Select the right kind of storage
An important factor to consider is the storage units. Random storage units won’t help. You will require a variety of storage options such as closed cabinets, open shelves, trays, drawers, a wardrobe, hooks and stands. Analyze the clothing items and accessories you have and then, choose a storage unit accordingly. Do you want to keep shelves open or closed? Would you like to hang your clothes, if yes, which ones?

Select the right color scheme
The shape of the area and natural light, both are important factors to consider. Moreover, the color scheme should suit men as well as women. Lighter hues suit women while deep color tones suit men. But you can definitely have a mixed combination of these colors for your master bedroom and making it lively and chic.

Select the right kind of lighting
Often ignored, but very important is the lighting part. You need sufficient amount of light while you are getting ready. For instance, for applying make-up, you should be able to check your complete face clearly. Hence, choose lighting types such as spot lights, reflectors, and so on. If your dressing area is close to the window, then allow the natural light to sink in. You should never block light in your area.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
A mirror is the cornerstone of any dressing area, small or big. It reflects light and gives you the appearance of a bigger room. For getting ready, you will always need a good mirror. Mere quality of the mirror is not sufficient. You have to pick up the one that matches with the color scheme of your cabinets and dressing area. For instance, for a white color scheme, you have to get a gold-framed mirror.

Select the right kind of seating place
Does a dressing area need a seating? Of course, it requires. You will need a chair, or a bench to tie up your shoe’s laces, or applying make-up or checking the perfect accessories. You cannot stand all the time. Do not choose a dull chair. Opt for an ottoman or a long bench that will suit the size and shape of your dressing area.

Separate it from rest of the master bedroom
We have already suggested the idea of a walk-in dressing area. Otherwise, you can even install a partition to separate it from rest of the master bedroom. Partition options are curtains, and wooden screens. If you would like to save space, then choose a folding one.
Thus, these setup dressing area ideas in master bedroom are worth to be implemented before decorating it.


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