Setup bathroom in the basement ( 20 Pics)

Setup ideas for the bathroom in the basement


If you have turned your basement into extra space for gaming or for other purposes then having a basement bathroom becomes a must. You won’t need to rush upstairs every time you need to use the washroom and can make use of your basement more efficiently. A lot of planning is needed for making a basement bathroom. From plumbing to designing everything needs to be on point to make the washroom look good and work properly. There are a lot of things to take care in order to get the perfect basement bathroom.


Design considerations


Before getting a basement bathroom one needs to decide the amount they are willing to spend on it. You need to make sure that there is a ventilation fan installed in order to draw the moisture out from the basement. Having a heater is also a must as a basement is usually cooler than the other floor. In winter’s you will definitely need a heater in a basement bathroom. Properly choose an area for your washroom while keeping in mind the plumbing and power requirements. The washroom needs to be so designed that there can be

proper ventilation and drainage system installed. All these things need to be considered in order to avoid any issues in the future.




It is not always possible to get a lot of natural lighting in your basement washroom. Try to install as many lights as required that too in the right places. Glass-block windows are also a viable option for letting in some additional natural light in your washroom. Adding the right amount of light will not only brighten up the washroom but will also bring out the overall decor. Give your washroom a luxurious look just like a usual washroom.


Adding a spa


If you don’t have enough space on your floors then you can use your basement in order to fulfill your wish of having a washroom with a spa. You will need to spend a few extra bugs on plumbing expenditure than usual but it is totally going to be worth it. A lot of us prefer to put up a gym in our basements if you are among those people then having a spa in your basement will be much more amazing and useful.


Place some windows in the right places


Having some windows which bring in some natural light and fresh air is a great idea. Lack of fresh air in your basement bathroom can make you feel suffocated. It is best to make the washroom in such an area that placing some windows opening on the outside is possible.


Choose some bright colors


Make sure that the decor of your basement bathroom consists of bright colors. Paint your walls with bright colors. Make sure that the tiles are also not dark unless and until you yourself wish to have a dark themed washroom. Either pick the brightest colors or the darkest one to give your bathroom the best possible decor.


Basement washrooms are usually cheaper than washrooms on other floors, if you plan for the drainage system properly then you can connect it with the one on the floor above, this saves a lot of money. As there is usually a lot of unused space in a basement, this gives you an opportunity to have a bigger and better bathroom. There are a lot of benefits to having a basement bathroom. Make sure you choose the design that goes with your taste.

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