Rugs ideas for living room ( 24 photos )

Rugs ideas for living room
How would a person appear with well-fitted attire and no shoes? Yes, that is how space would feel without rugs especially in the interiors of the house. Rugs are basically textile floor coverings used to cover the floor space in different areas like living rooms, hallways, pathways, staircases, and bedrooms in the house for various purposes of interior décor and technical aspects like absorption of sound in very large open areas. There are a lot of varieties and types prevalent for rug designs for interior house décor. These rugs are usually made up of wool, silk, cotton and synthetic textile fabrics in diverse designs and patterns. Some of the interesting ways in which rugs can be used in the living room of the house are as follows:

Adding a pop color to a blank space:
A living space in the house with plain white walls and white or light colored furniture would look quite boring to the eye. This type of space can be given a different character by adding a colorful rug in the space below the furniture placement. It will not only add color but also help in anchoring the bland furniture pieces in one place. The appearance of the space can be enhanced intensely with the use of a bold single colored rug in a plain white space. The blank space can be made more interesting with a rug having some bold and striking geometric patterns that will give the space a different personality and ambiance.

A piece of art on the walls:
Rugs are generally used as decorative elements on the floor surfaces. But an extremely creative way of using the rugs could be on the walls as a piece of art. Sometimes one of the blank walls in the living room of the house can create a hurdle in sustaining the chic appearance of the space. But alleviating the appearance of the space as a whole with the use of a decorative rug with some captivating texture or pattern could be a great idea. There is various small scale to large scale companies supplying such interior décor and furniture items which are exclusively handmade. A handmade rug could be a fascinating alternative for this idea of décor.

As a guide for the pathway:
Architecture and planning department is coming up with new innovative plans and designs for various facilities and buildings. The plan of the house can vary to a great extent depending upon the location and requirement of the client. A living space in a house with adjacent hallways leading to different spaces like kitchen, bedrooms and miscellaneous can be at times perceived in a confusing manner by the eye. The use of rugs in these hallways which are a part of the living space can help in leading the eye towards the desired specific path led by that space. It can make the small space more engaging and can prompt an action for the boring path.

A great sound absorbing material:
The design and plan of a living room can be completely enclosed, semi-enclosed or open depending upon the client requirements. A semi-open or an open living room plan can introduce a lot of noise in the interiors especially if this space is located adjacent or nearby to the entrance or a garden area. The furniture elements placed in such a space can look distorted because of the open space plan which is not perceived in an interesting manner by the eye. Rugs places in layers in such a space can solve the inherent problems of noise level along with giving an aesthetic appeal and direction to the room. This idea is highly effective if the flooring material of such a space is either tiles or wood.

Connecting elements:
There are wide varieties in the plans of different spaces according to the location and space availability by the designer. There are certain rooms in the house which can have an interconnected plan in perpendicular or adjacent manner. These spaces connected with the living room can often look very perplexing to perceive and view. But such spaces along with the living space can be made enthralling with the placement of rugs in a pattern which helps in connecting these spaces visually. It can prove to be a great visual treat to the eyes if placed in a meticulous manner.
Apart from the above ideas, there are different styles of rugs that can be creatively amalgamated with the furniture items in different spaces like reading room, dining room, bedroom and even bathroom.

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