Quilt rack for hanging clothes ( 25 photos )

Quilt rack for hanging clothes
Quilt racks are gaining popularity among a lot of households recently. People are attracted by the idea of getting a chance to show off their beautiful quilts by hanging them on a rack in their rooms. This does make the room look more vibrant. People have found out a unique way of hanging their clothes on a Quilt rack and believe it or not it looks quite funky. There is various quilt racks design available for hanging clothes but choosing the best among them is the real hassle. You need to make sure that the quilt rack that you choose to hang your clothes on does not look weird and fits well with the decor of the room. Not only having a quilt rack for hanging clothes gives you some extra space but it also adds to the luster of your room. Here are some of the quilt racks designs that will help you out in making a choice.

A wooden twin stepladder quilt rack-
Having wooden accessories does add to the look of the room. A twin stepladder quilt rack is a good choice as it is cheap, simple yet effective. Not only this but this quilt rack will give you extra space to hang your clothes, you can use both the sides of the quilt rack. Just make sure that you get the right colored quilt rack that matches your interior decor plus doesn’t do for a huge twin stepladder quilt rack as it won’t look very gracious, instead choose a small one.
A ladder-shaped quilt rack-
This is yet another simple looking yet elegant quilt rack. It won’t take much space and you can place it in any corner you like. Just put it against the wall and it’s ready to be used without any further installation. Just hang your clothes on the steps of the ladder. It is easy to use and install and gives a cool look to the room. These quilt racks are best suited for kids room.

A wall shelf with a quilt rack-
This idea is quite innovative and is extremely useful for saving some extra space as it serves a dual purpose. On the top, there is a shelf which can be used to keep decorative items and under it, rods are attached to make it a quilt rack. Hang your clothes on the rods and if you wish to increase its capacity just add a few extra rods. This idea is quite unique and looks different.
A folding hanging quilt rack-
The best thing about a folding quilt rack is that you can close it whenever it is not being used. Just open the various branch like wooden rods attached to a centerpiece that is embedded in the wall. Open up the branches whenever you want to hang your clothes. This design surely will catch the attention of the visitors.

A metal quilt rack-
If you wish to give your room an old school look and the theme of your interiors is based on medieval times then this is the best choice for you. Buy yourself an iron quilt rack with some designs made on it. This will make your room look very classy.  You can also attach a shelf on the lower side of the rack to keep some extra stuff.
All these quilt racks are very efficient for hanging clothes. Make sure to pick the one that not only suits your needs but also goes along with the overall design of your room. For kids, room make sure to choose a vibrant color.

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