Princess Canopy Bed Ideas ( 25 pictures )

Princess Canopy Bed Ideas
Girls have a liking for princess Canopy beds. Be it a seven-year-old or an elder woman every girl feels excited about having a canopy bed. We have seen it in the princess movies and every girl wishes to have a princess canopy bed for herself. Having a canopy bed not only makes a girl feel happy but also adds to the charm of the room. The best thing about this bed is that it makes the girls feel special. Due to the cost involved not everyone is able to fulfill there dream to have a fancy bed. Not only this but the canopy also adds to the feeling of coziness to your bed. Here are some of the best princess canopy bed ideas that will make it easier for you to pick the right design for your room and are also going to be budget friendly.
A big round bed with a canopy that hangs down from a circular platform-
This kind of a princess canopy bed is a masterpiece. It looks like something taken out right from a princesses room. Place a large round bed in the center of the room and let the canopy fall from around platform over the bed that rests on four pillars placed around the bed. The pillars around the bed will add to the charm. To add some extra luster you can make the stands stand out by getting then carved with beautiful patterns on them. Be the bed for you or your little princess, this idea will never disappoint. Also, make sure that the company is made up of silk to add to the effect. The room will look extremely luxurious with this bed.

A net canopy hanging from the wall over the bed-
This is the cheapest and the bed way to get a princess canopy bed. This idea works well with any type of bed. All you need to do is to get a good looking canopy with your bed. Make sure that the canopy has some embroidery on the top in order to give it a luxurious look. A simple looking canopy hanging from the center of the wall over your bed is not going to look good and will make the place look dull. Choose a vibrant colored canopy with some fancy embroidery over it. Net is the best material for this type of princess canopy beds. It will give the room an elegant look.
Iron gothic princess canopy bed-
This is something unique and classic. All you need for this is an iron bed with a designer frame on the top and then just let a net canopy fall from it. Believe it or not, this design looks very creative. It will make you feel like a French princess. If you choose to go for a medieval-looking theme for your room then this bed will be like a cherry on the cake. It is a relatively lesser used idea and that is what makes it so unique. Iron is not very expensive so this design will not make a hole in your pocket too.

An old-school princess canopy bed with some lights added to it-
Even the simplest things can be made a lot more interesting with a few innovative ideas. Buy a square shaped princess canopy bed with pillars on all sides to hold the canopy on the top and then add some Christmas lights to make it look more creative. You can either put the lights over the canopy or just wrap them around the pillars on the sides or you can let the lights fall from over the top of the canopy and then wrap it around the pillars. When you close the lights of your room and then light up the bed lights, your princess canopy bed is going to look majestic. Plus this idea isn’t going to cost you a fortune.
All these ideas are amazing and you can choose the one that fits your demands. Make sure that the design that you choose for your princess canopy bed goes well with the overall theme of the room otherwise you won’t be able to get the desired effect.

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