Pool Decor Ideas ( 25 Pics)

Pool Decor Ideas
Be it your home or a commercial area, having a pool around is always good. Who doesn’t dreams about having a lavish house with a pool in it? It’s hard to find even a single person who won’t love to have a pool in their house. When few among us get the opportunity to actually fulfill there dream a new problem arises, that is how to actually decorate the pool. It is important to decide the right shape for the pool and the decor around it.

Decorating a pool is not only an exciting process but is quite exhausting as well, with so many ideas to choose from it becomes hard to filter down the choices and pick the best option. A lot has changed in terms of pool decor ideas, people have come up with modern ideas to make the pool look good. Here are some pool decor Ideas that are going to ease your work and make it easy to get your desired pool.

A lounge-like poolside
It is not just the pool that matters but the poolside holds the key to make the place look ravishing. Having a lounge-like set up around the pool is definitely a great idea. You can either choose a light team or go to a sophisticated hotel-like look. Lay down some benches around the pool and set up a free umbrella for some shade and you are good to go. Make sure to keep some towel tables around the benches so that when your peers come out of the pool they can dry themselves and then lay down on the benches and relax.

A rocky themed indoor pool
So if you are going to an indoor pool then having a rocky themed poolside is definitely an amazing idea. What one can do is to make the walls look like rocky terrains and make the surroundings look natural. Place a few artificial plants around the pool and lay down some seats and benches to chill and relax on. Make sure that the furniture also goes along with the theme otherwise it is going to destroy the illusion.

A waterfall-like setup
This is possibly the best way to make even the simplest of pools look amazing and lavish. This idea works for both indoor as well as outdoor pools. All you need to do is to set up a fake waterfall type setup. The water just needs to be coming down from a higher point. If you have a constricted budget don’t go for actual waterfall like structure instead stick to a basic design and believe it or not this is going to completely change the looks of your swimming pool.

A bar or an ice bin side table on the poolside
Having a bar around your pool is going to make the place look luxurious and high-class. It won’t even cost you much as all you need is a counter for serving the drink and a cabinet for storing them. If you don’t have enough space at your disposal then make sure that you place an ice bin side table and fill it up with some drinks.

Have a Jacuzzi right next to your swimming pool
Jacuzzis are possible among the best places to relax and blow off some steam. Place a Jacuzzi just next to your swimming pool, not only will this enhance the looks of your swimming pool and add to the overall design but will also serve a very practical purpose. After coming out of your chlorinated swimming pool it is a good idea to take a nice bath and the jacuzzi will help you in getting a nice bath. Keep an ice bin side table and enjoy your drinks while you are in the jacuzzi.

Place a hammock
By just adding a hammock to your pool area you can create relaxed positive vibes. It gives a funky look and is quite comfortable. On top of that, there is endless color and fabric option to choose from.

Place floating speakers in your pool
Last but not the least this is yet another simple and unique way to make your pool look a lot more ready. Get a pair of waterproof floating speakers and place them in your pool. Music and swimming go really well together and this will definitely make your experience a lot better.
Mix and match these ideas and you will definitely come up with something that you will love and cherish.

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