Pink color decor ideas for girl’s room ( 25 pictures )

Pink color decor ideas for girl’s room
Pink is a color which is often associated with girls more than the boys. It is a color which is known to have various soothing and calming properties. It is a very strong color in terms of making a difference and changing the mood and aura of a place. This is one of the reasons why it is being frequently used in the interiors of a girl’s bedroom. But too much of the same color can make it lose its essence and make the object or space monotonous because of the repetition in use and implementation. The pink color in combination with different materials and colors can make a drastic difference in altering the ambiance of a particular space. Some of the creative ways in which pink color can be used for decorating a girl’s bedroom are as follows:

Divergent shades:
Pink color has various different shades depending upon the quantity of white and black pigments present in it. These different shades can be used in diverse combinations for the walls, curtains and furniture pieces of the room. A hierarchy from light to dark shade should be maintained to obtain the right kind of ambiance for the room. Usage of white color or pale pink furniture pieces with comparatively darker shades of pink for flooring materials, walls, and other décor items would provide a very mature appearance to the room. This type of combination can not only be used for a small girl’s room but also for a mature or adult girl’s room.

Based on a theme:
The color pink used with a fairy tale or cartoon character theme would be a great idea for the room of a small girl’s room. For this type of combination, the color pink should be used meticulously on certain areas like furniture or walls of the room to not make it look over the board which might spoil the appearance and the ambiance of the theme. It is preferable to use just one shade of pink to make it look more appealing and making it the highlight of the space. The guidance and help from professional interior designers can definitely help in achieving the desired theme look for the room with the use of the right shade of pink.

Pink as a highlight:
This alternative can be used for an adult girl’s room as it will not only look modest but also classy. A pastel or plain white colored furniture and walls along with a bold pink color flooring or rug can really highlight and make the pink color the focus of the room in actuality. This can also be achieved by highlighting the walls of the room with one or two shades of pink color or by having pink colored curtains on the windows in the room. Appropriate design strategies and principles should be adopted to obtain the specific look of the color as a focus in the interiors of a girl’s room.

Prolific dual combination:
This can be a good choice of a color theme for a young or a teenage girl’s bedroom. The use of pink color in combination with blue or any color complementing it on the walls and furniture of the room can alter the mood of the space and give it a different feel and appeal. The color combination used should either be in sync with each other or complement each other to procure the best décor results out of it. These two colors should be applied in harmony but yet distinctly to provide the desired décor to the room. There are various sources available along with the professional aid that people can take help from to create a sound and breathable space.

Pink with stripes and dots:
This is a very creative and innovative choice of décor for young as well as small girl’s bedroom. The use of pink colored walls and curtains along with black and the white color combination of furniture items consisting of patterns like stripes or dots can be a very significant option for decorating and furnishing the room. This choice of décor can also be customized with the desired patterns and designs in black and white color. If all the colors are used in the correct proportions in the room, it can give a vintage vibe to the whole space. This is an interesting choice for the people wanting to do something different and new with the décor of their personal space.
There can be multiple combinations achieved with pink color and different elements for getting a creative décor for the girl’s bedroom.

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