Paint Ideas for Master Bedroom ( 25 photos )

Master Bedroom Paint Ideas
Choosing a color scheme for your master bedroom completely depends on you. It is your person space, your personal sanctuary, your cozy escape from the world’s tensions and worries. However, choosing a color of your favorite choice will not be suffice. You will have to add a touch of creativity and glamour to it.

Things to consider before choosing a paint for master bedroom are as follows:

  • Size of the master bedroom: A master bedroom is usually larger than the other bedrooms of your house. Hence, you can actually take the advantage of this aspect. You can add multiple shades of the same color or add textures to it. In this way, you can even create a unique look of the room without spending much on the furniture or choosing a theme.
  • Multiple spaces in a master bedroom: Note which areas are covered in your bedroom. For instance, do you have a dressing area in your bedroom, or a bathroom? The idea is not choosing the same colors for all the areas, but picking up colors and paints that complement with each other. For instance, you can select accent colors for one room and complement them with darker shades in the other.
  • Personal choice: It depends entirely on you what kind of mood or dramatic effect you want to create in the master bedroom. It is true that a master bedroom should have soothing colors. But what if you love brighter and darker shades? Then, you can definitely choose a neutral color palette and play with the accessories and bedroom furniture.

Here are certain paint ideas that will enlighten you with more creativity and elegance.

Green Color
Green color fascinates many people and they would love to have their master bedroom painted in this color. However, you can be a little careful while choosing this color. If you are picking up this color, then remember that it has both warm and cool elements. And more importantly, green color is available in a variety of tints and goes well with some other colors such as yellow and blue. You can create a modern-styled bedroom or an eclectic one with this green color. If you want to complement your furniture with the green color, then choose bare wood furniture. It looks great!

Red Color
Have you ever seen red color used in someone’s bedroom? Yes, someone will need a high level of creativity and talent to use this color brilliantly. This is because red color does not have a soothing effect on our mind. It performs the job of stimulating mind and if too much of red color is used, then it could be tampering with our home décor. Hence, applying red color on a wall of the bedroom could be a better choice. This wall could be the one behind the headboard or one with large windows. Or you can pick up the mutest tint of the red color. Bare wood furniture in this case would be overwhelming. Hence, the best alternative would be to opt for painted items.

Yellow Color
Even though yellow appears soothing, too much of yellow can create a harsh effect. Hence, always opt for muted shades of yellow and choose it wisely with complimentary colors such as brown and green.

Blue Color
Blues are natural mood enhancers and soothers. If you have antique pieces or vintage-themed furniture in your room, then blue will be more enhancing for you, especially if you are opting for darker shades. If you are don’t like darker shades, then soft hues and lighter tints can create a miracle. Choosing for an aquatic theme or a sky blue theme for a master bedroom would be a fantastic choice.

Floral Look
You can also choose a floral paint idea for your bedroom. You need not pick only pink flowers for it. Blue colored flowers, green leaves and yellow flowers could also be a better choice. Remember to paint one of the walls with floral designs and supplement it with a wallpaper of the similar design. You can add floral cushions and a mat to enhance its unique look.

Striped Look
If you want to use yellow or some other dark color, then you can create a striped look for it. For instance, paint the ceiling with stripes of white and yellow colors. Choose yellow colored linen, yes the tinted shades. Complement it with bare wooden furniture. Obviously, it will give an enigmatic look to your master bedroom without much of an effort.
Thus, it depends entirely on you how to choose master bedroom paint ideas, with creativity and glamour.

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