Paint ideas for kids room ( 20 pictures )

Paint ideas for kids room
Ah, the fascinating hues! We grown-ups love bright and vibrant colors, so do the kids. Scientists say, at about five months old, a child can see colors with his/her still developing little eyes and they prefer more bright colors at once. Having said, we agree that painting is a real pain in the neck.

But… but… but the pain is worth the happiness and instant positive energy a beautifully painted room give to your kid, isn’t it? Use these best paint ideas for kids room if you have a revamping plan in place.

These paint ideas for kids room might also help you with finding the middle ground between the awful and awesome paint color trends that constantly change.

Timeless Grey
Modern, minimalistic or Scandinavian kids room decor, grey is the star among the neutral colors as it matches with the majority of the colors to give a classic and soothing aesthetics. To prove its versatility, many designers have used grey for walls and accessorize the room with other cool or warm colors. White, grey and a tinge of yellow is a universal paint idea for kids room. Grey-Aqua, Grey-Yellow, Grey-Aqua-Coral, Navy-Grey-Yellow, Pink-Grey etc are some unique combinations you can consider to create a timeless bedroom for your kids. And yes, grey is gender-neutral!

Beautiful Earthy tones
You can’t go wrong with the rich natural browns, tans, greens, reds, and oranges!  The blended-with-nature colors are ideal for kids rooms that crave for a contemporary yet modern finish. If you choose shades of browns or beige paint for the walls, have a check on the window arrangements, rugs, pillows, and bed to keep the feel of the room inviting. Floral wallpapers, abstract portraits, wall decals and stickers etc can be used to accentuate the depth and texture.

Active colors
Pink and Red’s long association with interior decor ideas make them an ideal paint idea for kids room. The harmonious combination of these confident colors will give the kids room a restful appeal. Use Geometric headboard, ikat and linen with graphic patterns or prints,  floral motifs, woodsy inspired nightstand etc to soothe the strong impact these shades of pink and red creates. Pink-Red combination is perfect for giving a charming depth to a young girl’s room.

Incredible Blue
Navy blue, baby blue, powdery blue, sky blue… the list goes on and on if we take this versatile and much-loved color amongst the interior designers and home decorators. Transform your boy’s room with blue as a statement color on the walls or as an accent in the bedroom decor.Pair complementary hues like orange, yellow, white, peach, canary, teal, scarlet etc with blue to make every decor pop.

Pastel Palette
The soothing and dreamy pastel colors are ideal for nurseries and girl’s room. Pastels look stylish on the walls and they make the small kids room roomy and inviting. And with just a little bit of other complementary shades, pastel paint ideas for kids room can turn an instant hit. If you’re looking for a modern and crisp look, try pastel pink, peach, spearmint, baby blue or lavender color even in the bed linens, curtains, rugs, and in the ceiling.

The Classic Black and White
Monochromes are grabbing much attention these days. A coat of black and white paint is the chic way of giving a facelift for your kids room. In other words, it’s an ideal way to add some pops of colors here and there later. Feature little sophistication with floating beds, funky furnitures, toy storage ideas, patterned covers and rugs to add some drama.

Now that you have read about the best paint ideas for kids room, it will be easier for you to go with the one that will be most suitable for your child. However, while following these paint color ideas, always keep in mind that the trends change over time, and painting your kids room is something you don’t want to repeat at least for four or five years. Hence, look before you paint!

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