Outdoor birthday party decor ideas ( 20 Pics)

Outdoor birthday party decor ideas

Despite the repeated scenes – friends and family singing “Happy Birthday”, the beating lights, yummy cake, and food, favorite drinks, thoughtful and funny gifts, adorable decorations etc – people love birthday parties because of the cheer they spread. While indoor and pool parties are preferred by many, it would be fun and more exciting if the party is set up in the yard or patio. Plus, if you have a bucket list of guests, throwing an outdoor party is a win-win. Don’t know what decor to finalize? Here are some inspiring outdoor birthday party décor ideas to get you to think (or re-think).
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Decorate the Fence
Don’t you think the garden fence needs some attention when you throw a garden party? Not sure how to do it? Well, try creating a birthday-themed fence art, a ladder with photo frames of the birthday boy/girl, illuminate with fairy lights or simply use galvanized floral buckets/totes to brighten up the fence.

A Balloon walkway
What better way to start off the birthday party than an escalating walkway of balloons? Few favorites that suit kids’ and adults’ birthday parties alike are – tropical fruit balloons, animal balloon kits, whoop whoop balloons, confetti balloons, birthday bubble balloon, neon balloons… the list goes on and on!

Let the lights speak
The easiest and stylish way to amp up the backyard party look? Wrapping few strings of fairy lights around the tree trunks or running along the cables suspended above. Other alternatives to illuminate the party area placing candle lights, colorful tea lights or solar lanterns on tables. Let there be a party and light all night long.
Playful Pinata
A vibrant and playful piñata filled with goodies, sweet treats or treasures easily hangs just about anywhere in your yard. Kiddos at the party will love taking turns trying to hit and break the pinata so they can get the treats.

Decorate above the table
To create the easiest and creative outdoor birthday party décor, hang a few pretty umbrellas. And in doing so, don’t forget to have fun mixing and matching colors and prints to accent the party theme.

Embellish the centerpiece
Since our eyes are tired of seeing the same old floral centerpiece arrangements, why not try some veggies this year? All you need for this project are – pretty jars, bowls or glass vases of different heights and chopped veggies. The tight grouping of veggie jars is a healthy visual treat that will encourage the guests to help themselves between games and dances.

Floral Ice Cubes In Glass Bowl
Make the drink stations come alive with ice cubes containing edible flowers. This simple and creative outdoor birthday party décor idea is sure to amaze everyone attending your garden themed party.

Ditch heavy furniture and go simple
If you do not have plenty of space out there but like to host an outdoor birthday party, forget about using heavy furniture and fancy decorations. That way you can be sure that it’s easy for your guests to move around without bumping on tables and benches.

Insanely creative seating displays
Sick of the usual seating display ideas? Help your guests find their seats with any of these: calligraphed Egg cups, tagged fruits, personalized desserts or tagged driftwood. We hope you got your cue to rock and roll the next birthday party.

Paper Medallions will set a benchmark
Hang some adorable paper medallions over the featured table to create a cozier ambiance. Match them to your color scheme and vary the size and shape — they’re sure to be a conversation starter.

Funky Photo Booth
Photo booths are still popular, especially with kids. Arrange a basket of props so the captured moments will be silly, funny and memorable.
Use Bold and Bright Tableware
Use adorable and durable enamelware so your guests can go back for seconds and even thirds with the same plate. Minimal trash and minimum food n drinks!

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If you have more tried and tested outdoor birthday party decor ideas, tips or tricks in your arsenal, please share them too – we would love to read them.

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