Nightstand ideas for bedroom ( 20 Pics)

Nightstand ideas for bedroom
A bedroom is one such space in the house which can be personalized and customized to a great extent depending on the size, shape, and orientation of the room. There are a lot of activities that a person carries out in the bedroom which makes it essential to put a lot of furniture pieces for storage and décor of certain items and personal belongings. While some of these furniture pieces form a crucial aspect for storage and deposition of personal stuff, there are certainly other such furniture items which only contribute to the aesthetics of the room. A combination of both of these can make a drastic difference to the appearance of the space irrespective of the area and dimension of the room. Such combinations can readily be achieved in a particular space with the use of innovative design strategies and appropriate choice of furniture items. Some of the interesting nightstand ideas for bedroom space are as follows:

A single-sided table:
This option is suitable for a bedroom space which is relatively smaller in area and dimension and has very less space available for the installation of different furniture pieces. A single decorative side table to keep essential belongings with two or fewer drawers for storage can balance the look and the small available area and make the whole room appear minimalistic. It makes the bedroom space uncluttered and gives it a neat and finished look.

A metallic side table:
This is a good alternative for both small and larger bedroom areas as it provides a very chic and modern look to the entire space. A metallic side table on either both or one side of the bed matching the material or color scheme of the frame of the bed is a very creative option to store personal belongings with a minimum coverage of the floor area. A bold metallic color along with a nude or mild color scheme for the walls and flooring material of the room will make the space look very elegant and modern.

Wooden side table:
This is one of the popular choices of nightstand or side table for a bedroom space as they are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes in the market. Wooden nightstands can be used for a bedroom space which has all the furniture items made up of wood or having a wooden texture to it. This can be complemented by a subtle color scheme for the walls along with the use of light or dark colored tiles for the floors depending upon personal preferences.

Floating table:
This is one of the interesting options to explore for nightstands as it saves the entire floor space. This type of table even makes the cleaning and maintenance process of the room very effortless. Such types of nightstands can be customized and be made according to the area available to install them near the bed. Different design styles and principles can be explored for such kind of nightstand preferences. Such type of modern furniture pieces will make space also appear very modern and contemporary.

Multi-level table:
This type of nightstand is very useful to store numerous items like laptops, mobile phones, and other personal stuff. This includes one layer of the table attached to the wall and panelling of the bed and the other protruded outside with a shelf to keep different personal items. It is a very handy option for people wanting to store different items before going to bed. This type of option can be explored with the use of different materials and different sizes depending on the area available near the bed in the bedroom.

DIY vintage trunk table:
This is one of the most creative ideas to put the old stuff available in the house into the best possible use. Any old or vintage trunk or suitcase that matches with the height of the bed can be used as a side table for storage and décor of the space. It will give a personal touch to the bedroom space and also save the cost of the furniture item making it a very cost-effective alternative.

The personalized drum as a table:
This is another creative and innovative option that art lovers or people who want to personalize and customize their bedroom space can explore. It involves the use of a drum as a nightstand for the bedroom space. Any old or new drum can be used as a side table to make the complete space very creative and captivating.
There are a lot of other creative ideas that can be put into use as per personal choices and preferences.

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