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Ideas for Guest Room

The guest room is a place which comes into usage rarely but requires a good thought-over designing so as to welcome the guests with a warm feeling of comfort which stands as the key to designing a guest’s room. The room needs to have an ambience that would suit and attract everyone walking in. The bedding, color scheme and the view from the room makes the crucial base of the entire decor, and hence requires magnanimous efforts from the owner’s front. It is paramount to analyse your demands from someone else’s guest room which will make it easy to design and also lend a personal touch to be offered to the coming in guests. It must initially be realised whether the room would be used for some other purpose as well apart from being a space for the guests. This would help in designing it perfectly in order to suit both the purposes.

Guests show versatility in interests, choices and requirements. Hence it becomes imperative to design a room for them with evergreen themes in mind. The room needs to emit positive acceptance energies from all age group users with multifaceted interests. The color schemes are suggested to remain subtle and elegant to suit the demands of every occupier. Color combos which offer sophisticated nude colors along with allied colors for the curtains, furniture and wall hangings should act as the best possible theme. Some may even experiment with navy designing, antique feel, rainbow colors, and much more of such adaptable themes. The theme should however be universal for age avoiding immense uniqueness which might make some section of guests uncomfortable.

The center chandelier may lighten up the room with the blink of an eye with additional glamour over the design incorporated. The windows or glass that provides a view of the outside may be covered with blinds for appropriate usage. Tiny LED lightings in the room may be helpful in increasing the charm and comfort factor of the room. A night lamp or a reading lamp may add the supplemental luxury standard that the room would offer. Incorporating such fancies, the guests are surely going to get a variety of lighting system to suit their moods.

The arrangements within the room are surely going to depend on the square footage the room offers. It may be decorated well with all the lavish over sized furniture stacked around if the room is widely spread but a small room requires a thoughtful designing with furniture that comes under the ‘required’ category. This frame of designing can transform a tiny space into an attractive elegant space which would not fail to mesmerize the guests. A bedding is the best furniture to start the designing with. A color coded bed or a sleek, wrought iron bed would be taking over the major space in the room catching most eyes for the first glance, along with a counter cupboard for the minor storages and working counter. If the room allows more space, a table with a pair of designer chairs might be seen as a requirement for relaxation or phone usage.


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