Modern wall decor ideas ( 20 pictures )

Modern wall decor ideas

One of the primary necessities of any human is a roof over the head, and it is the walls that hold the roof strong to be safe. The walls are the pillars of any home and could be changed to inspiration with the right modern wall décor ideas.  The ideas should be of love and passion, igniting you to make your living or bedroom be with the right ambiance for any of your moods.  After a day of hard work, coming back home with decorated walls could raise the spirits and make you and the inmates happy.

With technology developing at a rapid pace, modern wall décor ideas are numerous, and only the sky is the limit. But they have to suit your personality and likes to reflect your attitude and character. Hence if you have bought a new house or rented one, take time to select the right ideas to make every day at home a heaven on earth. Wall decorations are now in many ways from the traditional paintings, arts, photographs to temporary wall tiles, modern wall art, modern clock, mirrors, and many more.

If you are to stare a blank wall at your home and need to decorate it the way you want it, there are many modern wall décor ideas. Since specific taste and liking change with time, many decorations should be done temporarily to change when there is a need easily. Also, the decorations have to be natural and within budget for many. The wall decorations may also vary as per the place. For living rooms, the modern wall décor ideas could be robust to enthrall the guests to remember your home for a long time. And for the bedrooms, you can go for private and heart loving decorations.

Check out the details of various modern wall décor ideas to choose one of your choices

Make your wall an art gallery

If you are an art lover, and that too contemporary art, you can select any of the following art forms to decorate your walls to inspire and motivate you daily.

  • Landscape art of cities, countries, valleys, sky, different popular locations and many more
  • Add wall accents to contemporary wall art to stand out a bit more like you are trying to add some extra character to your living room

Wallpaper décor ideas

The most economical, beautiful, and changeable wall décor ideas are the wallpapers.  The sky is the limit to find the right wallpaper for decorating your walls. From scenic and picturesque feel too simple ones, everything can be had with the right wallpaper decors. They can add new design accents, patterns, and a course color to your home.  There are numerous options when it comes to wallpaper colors. From using white for simplicity to a darker purple wallpapered bedroom, anything is possible with wallpapers. They also come in modern and contemporary styles to provide you with a wide range of designs for you to choose one from the following

  • Geometric wallpaper adds uniformity and consistency with a repeating pattern of a particular shape, drawing, or a type of material.
  • Floral wallpapers could provide different themes like scenes of natural forest, leaf patterns, or floral artwork.
  • Kids’ wallpapers are the most in-demand and are of different types and styles. Floral pink wallpaper will be your young girl’s first choice, and for young boys, there are varieties of options.

Wallpaper tiles

Wallpaper tiles are an excellent choice as they come in geometric patterns and look similar to tiles but are easily removable without any damage to walls

Modern clocks to adorn the walls

Even in this modern age, clocks make a difference to any wall. They make a great design piece for any home. There are many varieties now available to decorate your walls to your style and taste which includes

Analog clocks though with past technology, they have progressed as quickly as the technology itself.  There are many minimalistic styled, mid-century modern, or one with thick hands in different colors and materials to chose the right one to make the walls look live.

  • Digital clocks with the latest technology to show humidity and other weather aspects will be an added attraction to your wall
  • Oversized clocks draw the attention of your guests to the wall, the oversized clock is like an oversized art piece. They could be of any shape, including novelty shapes of modern clocks, which range from robots to coffee cups to classic cuckoo clocks.

Wall mirrors

From hanging mirrors to attached mirrors, are the traditional and modern choices even now. With proper lighting, they could light your home to take them to new horizons with beautiful looks.

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