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Bedroom is the vital part of any home and especially Master bedroom has many features like large bed compared to other bedrooms, highly furnished style and mind pleasing environment. Here we provide some of the best Master Bedroom decoration ideas to be followed to relax on your bed with wholehearted happiness after a long hard day.

Choose the wall art you adore
Proper wall art is essential to any living space and is even more important in bedrooms where less things attract visual interest. Use a prominent wall décor all over the space behind the bed and have a smart simple wall decors in other functional areas like dressing space, beside seating arrangement etc.
Play with variety of colors, textures and artistic materials for the artwork itself, and don’t be afraid to mix different sizes, shapes and frame styles. Whether you like warm or cool shades, pick colors that you naturally gravitate toward and give you a sense of calm.
Choose perfect wall hangings or creative artwork made of metal or elegant clocks. You should have as many family photos as you wish in other rooms in the house, but it’s best to keep the bedroom’s artwork less emotionally loaded. Elegant photographs add some character to your space without reminding you of specific people while you’re trying to fall asleep.

Look for the most perfect bedframe and mattress:
Give your personal space some glamour with a statement bed frame. From four-posts to platforms, the options for a chic piece of furniture are endless. Choose the colour of the bed that suits the wall paint.
Most People prefer white, chocolate brown or black colored bed frame.

Don’t forget to create a seating area:
Bedroom must be an area for both relaxing and sleeping. When you don’t feel to sleep, but to spend your free time like reading books or to watch television, you need a seating area which may be a perfect couch to take rest.
As with any seating area, you need to first identify the function it will fulfill. If you like to concentrate on a good book, place a stately armchair next to a bookcase. If you’re all about catching up your favourite shows, look for a loveseat or daybed that will provide you room to stretch out.

Concentrate on texture with textiles:
In interior design, texture plays a vital role in the way that we perceive how a space feels. For your master bedroom, you’ll want it to feel warm, inviting and cozy among other positive attributes. You can easily bring a homey feel to the space by using plenty of textiles.
Of course, the first textiles that spring to mind are the bedding. But don’t just settle for any set. Layer multiple materials think for silk and shearling — to create a space that you never want to leave. Then, warm up the rest of the room by putting down a throw rug or spreading a blanket to your seating area.

Accent pieces are also very important
Frequently, bedrooms tend to be neutral spaces. After all, who doesn’t want to create a calming environment when a good night’s rest is on the line? But when you have neutral walls and bedding, accent pieces become more critical for creating a perfect balanced design.
Don’t ever feel shy to go big with your accents for the master bedroom. Find pieces that include some of the bolder shades in your color scheme. Don’t omit patterns or prints. Choose items that bringforth your personality into your room and fill with things that you love.

Emphasize on Illumination:
Just to have one overhead light in your bedroom will spoil all the other decorations you do. Why to say no to chandeliers? Have the best chandelier that suits the room space and texture. Fix as many small, beautiful lights as possible and showcase all your decors at its peak. Bookshelves at the corner need separate illumination so that you feel comfortable for choosing and arranging. Choose similar coloured lamps as your mattress to look attractive. Its all matter of Gold and your investment provides happiness not to anyone else, but You!

Live with Nature:
Spend your space to provide more greenery into the bedroom. Let it be an indoor plant or a screen scenery of fields facing your bed or a collection of prettiest flowers beside the bed. Researchers have proven that living with greenery or nature is a stress-buster and all your hard day schedule can be turned fresh with this small tip. So love and live with natural bliss.

All of us want a bedroom that feels like an other world from our busy lives, but sometimes it can be hard to strike the balance between indulgence and function. Feel free to use our suggestions as the jumping-off point to designing your new favourite room in the house. Enjoy your bedroom with all you love to live with.

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