Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas ( 26 photos )

Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom isn’t the most glamorous room of the house, but this is where we freshen up, clean up, and unwind. So pay attention to give a whole new look than overlooking it for bedrooms, living or dining area. Having said that, do you have bathroom renovation ideas? If yes, just scroll down and check the modern bathroom renovation ideas we’ve gathered.

We know that there is a lot to consider: effective use of space; fixtures and fittings to choose; right lighting and mirror choices; ample storage space for toiletries, towels… and so on. Don’t worry. Do not fret about it. Whether you’re thinking on a small-scale renovation or going ahead with a top-to-bottom makeover, our list has something for everyone. And if you want more inspirations, browse our photo gallery at the end of the article.

Smart storage spaces
Say goodbye to bathroom clutter nightmares with a wall mounted vanity cabinet to give a roomy and organized look. If you need more storage area for cleaning materials, toiletries, towels, etc try including a small shelf beneath the wall mounted vanity. Sorted.

False ceilings go a long way
False ceilings are the stylistic modern addition to your bathroom design. Having slated or suspended false ceiling with the right lighting arrangement will give the small bathroom an uplift. If you’re not on a tight budget try mirrored, frosted glass, or plasterboard ceiling to achieve the modern look.

Rain shower Heads
Rain shower heads have become the norm of modern bathroom renovation ideas. Though they are little expensive when compared to the regular run-of-the-mill shower, you could strike an affordable deal if you use your ‘search skill’ effectively.

Fearless Statement Walls
If you haven’t given a thought about dark and deep shades in your bathroom, it’s time to reconsider. A dark statement wall will add mysterious and intense appeal and will make your bathroom extraordinarily modern and chic. Playing safe is boring. What say?

Mighty Mirrors
No need to bring in more new mirrors. Instead, make some simple tweaks to upgrade the normal bathroom mirrors without breaking the bank. Painting the old frame with a bold color, adding geometric patterns, gluing metal brackets to the corners of the mirror, a wooden shelf installation over the mirror, low profile rustic shelf below the mirror etc are few simple ways to achieve the depth and style.

Greens and Blooms
Love flowers around you? Then, why not keep some cut flowers or houseplants in your bathroom as well? Orchids, Bromeliads, air plants, lucky bamboo are ideal to make your bathroom alive and fresh. As we don’t see greenery or flowers in bathrooms usually, don’t you think it’s a pocket-friendly modern bathroom renovation idea?

Relaxing Shower Benches
Enjoying a spa-like awakening at home isn’t difficult if you have a shower bench in your bathroom. Available in a vast array of designs and colors, the shower benches made out of wood, marble or tile guarantee an incredible style statement to your modern bathroom. Fold-down or Built-in shower benches – which one you prefer?  

Stylish Basins
Would you disagree if we say a basin is more than enough to bring that stylish and trendy vibe to your bathroom? Choose from elongated to groove to the rusty nature-inspired wooden basin to rule out out-of-fashion tag.

Bold Flooring
Interior designers say the bathroom floor should be ‘safe, waterproof and stylish’. But who cares huh? Many of us conveniently rule out ‘stylish’ word and end up showing sad faces when others comment on the flooring. Now that your ‘Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas’ hunt is on, don’t forget to give life to the floors. Wooden, patterned, darker and veined marbles, pebble-inspired mosaic – pick the one matches with your budget.

Lighting on the low priority list? Wrong move people! To give an edge to your bathroom and most importantly to avoid experiencing a fall use these lighting possibilities – daylight, overall light, vanity light, lighting arrangement over your tub, light in the shower, lighting at the water closet, and night lighting.

Woodsy Bathroom Decor
Exclusive to people on a budget! Repurpose the old woods by integrating them into your bathroom renovation plan. Besides the refreshing modern look, the vanities, sink basins, storage solutions etc made out of rough and raw woods will create a ‘back to mother nature’ feel.
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