Master Bedroom Paint Ideas ( 16 Pics)

Painting the bedrooms is a very tricky activity to undertake. Bedrooms should have a calming influence on your psyche especially after a tiresome day of work, but at the same time they should be vibrant and encouraging you to go out there and fight it out one more day. In such a case the colors adorning our bedrooms should be versatile and compatible with any and all moods that we experience on a day to day basis. But its not just the walls that can be painted to our liking. We can work on the floors and other décor items to sync in with the wall or contrast against it, so that the entire space attains a sense of unity.

Neutral colors like cream or pale white have always been favored by home owners around the world. But while they have a soothing and calming influence in general, they can also be found guilty of being too passive at times with no character as such. But still they remain a very safe option for people who do not want to end up regretting some risk that they took and then messed up.

For people who are a bit more inclined towards the adventure side of life, playing with fun colors on their bedroom décor is an exciting option. One could go all out bonkers and get each wall done of a different color, or the entire room can be of one color and one wall can be left on for exhibiting the color of the month or such. Lemon yellow, ocher yellow, cherry red etc. can be used together or in different variations to achieve all kinds of experimental looks.

Some people prefer extremely bold colors like black or red blood in their bedroom. Quite contrary to popular concept, a black bedroom doesn’t fell too congested or cramped at all. If applied properly, a black wall can be comfy, and statement-making. For people who want to adopt a shade lighter touch, they can always go for grey which provides a sedate and comforting vibe.

In a master bedroom its always better to maintain a sense of oneness between the walls and the floor. The floor can be ceramic tile, or marble or granite. These finishing materials can be acquired in a wide variety of different colors. As such care should be taken that the finishing on the wall is compatible with that on the floor to some extent at least.

Getting the colors in a master bedroom right is of utmost importance. We cannot mess it up as its always our resting place and all of us want this to be perfect. There’s a wide array of choices in front of us, and we can also try and make some innovations of our own. One shouldn’t be particularly scared or doubtful of making bold and risqué choices. Often times they end up being the perfect ones and we get ourselves a perfect relaxing spot.

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