Master Bathroom Decor Ideas ( 20 pictures )

Master Bathroom Décor Ideas
Do you know why one of the bathrooms in the house is known as a master bathroom? Because it needs to be flaunted with its elegant fittings and accessories. It doesn’t matter whether you are having a quick shower or a soothing bubble bath, you ought to make your master bathroom interesting for yourself.

A master bathroom must be decorated in such a way that it lets natural light in, is completely fresh and airy. You can extend your imagination and try some of the coolest creative ideas in this place. Let us explore some of the inspiring master bathroom décor ideas.

Complete tile work will be enchanting
One of the easiest and brightest ideas to decorate your master bathroom is to cover it with tiles. Usually, people prefer to use tiles on some part of the walls. But you can go further and add tiles to the floors, all the walls and also to the surrounding area of the bathtub. This creates a unified theme for the master bathroom.

Choose soothing color palette
No one would like to enter a master bathroom that is colored with bright red or purple color. Bathrooms are meant for providing ease and calmness to your mind, it is a de-stressing place to erase all the worries and tiredness out of your mind. Soft colors are the best for a master bathroom. You can match your bathroom color with the bedroom’s color scheme by giving it a shade lighter than the latter.

A Linen Closet is a must-have
Though clean and colored linens can also be items to flaunt, you would like to store it to avoid collection of dust on them. Hence, install a large storage cabinet on one wall in your bathroom. The cabinet needs to be spread over the entire wall. It will comprise of all your bath supplies, towels and toiletries. You do not have create another storage unit in your bedroom for it.

A contrast combination can add a dramatic effect
If you are bored with the repetitive soft hues, then you can complement them with contrast colors. If the fittings and fixtures are of white and grey colors, then you can have the vanity and tub with dark colors such as wooden brown.

Don’t forget the shower
Though we love bathtubs, a shower cannot be ignored. It is a tiny place and it is absolutely fine to spend more bucks for this area. You could install awesome shower-heads or decorate it with amazing tiles. The choice is all yours. Light blue color can be used for the tiles and the floor only in the shower area. Complement it with the same color mat. You would feel that you are having a dip under a cool waterfall!

Keep your feet safe and protected
People take care of their feet in the bathroom by placing mats and rugs. But do you feel it is sufficient for protecting the feet? An optimal solution could be placing an electric mat instead of a plain one. This could be an advanced technological touch to your master bathroom.

Do not underestimate the power of natural wood color
If you have been avoiding natural wood color thinking that it is outdated or monotonous, then please come to the right planet. You do not have to paint each and every surface with a new color. Natural wood will offer you with a lot of surprising elements for including the necessary depth and charm to your area. You could use natural wood for all the elements, including floors, walls, cabinets, and the frames.

Use Vintage Cabinets as storage units
It is not possible for in-built storage at all places. Simple cabinets and organizers do not catch your eyes. Here is the simplest idea. Pick up a vintage or an antique cabinet and use it as an organizer in your master bath. It will give the desired unique look to your place.

Be minimalist with trendy baskets
If you have open shelves in your master bath, and you think it looks a bit messy, then avoid clutter by using personalized baskets. Of course, the baskets must be trendy and of attractive colors. Use different baskets for each of the family members in your house so there is no entangling of personal belongings. Tuck it under your sink or from where it is fairly visible.

Storage spaces beneath the windows
If you need more storage space, then you can have built-ins under the windows. It will also help in displaying plants, artwork and necessary bath supplies on the cabinet space.
Thus, these brilliant master bathroom décor ideas can be fascinating, if implemented rightly.

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