Luxury living room sets ideas ( 27 photos )

Luxury living room sets ideas
Luxury and extravagance are often being misunderstood to be synonymous with each other. But it can be interpreted in a different manner by different people. While some of them may find it to be the outcome of an expensive affair, others can interpret it to be simple and minimalistic. Everything depends on the preferences and priorities of the client and his requirements. Inspiration to create a luxurious décor and furniture appearance in the interiors of a room or an entire house can be procured from various sources. Some of the companies in the market have been successful at creating diverse ambiances and aura in the interiors of the space with the aid of prolific furniture set designs and creations. Some of the most innovative and luxurious living room set ideas are as follows:

Diverse textures and fabric:
This proves to be a very creative idea if appropriate design principles are being adopted. A variety of textures, fabrics, and colors in one space can look extravagant and expensive if all of these different entities goes well with each other. If the creativity is being stretched and conducted in a sound manner, it can definitely give a very rich look and ambiance to space. The fabrics that can range from velvet to heavily printed textures ones for the sofa set. It can be complemented by the translucent side and front table set. The design can be enhanced more with the use of contrasting color scheme for the furniture and walls of the room. Different permutations and combinations can be tried to achieve the desired luxurious and elegant look for the living room set.

Electric color scheme:
It is not always necessary for elaborate furniture sets with diverse textures and materials for the space to give an expensive aura and appearance. The use of a wise color scheme can anyway be a good option to give it a luxurious look and feel along with a touch of elegance. The electric color scheme is being readily used in furniture and room décor which follows the principle of less is more. A suede sofa along with efficient lighting and electric wall color can prove to be sufficient enough to give it the appearance of grandeur and richness. It is not always required to spend a hefty amount of money to acquire a rich look for space. The combination of electric-colored laminate for wall unit and shelves in the living room along with pastel colored shades for sofa also goes well for this particular requirement and theme of the idea.

Exceedingly larger sizes:
Size is one factor that always determines the vastness and quantity of an entity. A large sofa set or a large dining table set in a living room is always considered as a sign of wealth or luxury in the house. If the area of the living room is comparatively larger than the usual standards then placing larger size sofas and other furniture items in that particular space are definitely going to make the whole space look very expensive and extravagant. This alternative can be intensified with the installation of a magnificent art piece or a sculpture to make it the highlight of the space. Even if the space or area of the room is very vast, it can be magnified more with the illumination provided by unconstructive lighting in the room. A substantial design combination of all the above elements will surely make the living room appear very exorbitant.

A significant change in proportion:
It is not always one phase of the dimension which determines the vastness of the space which consists of a complete volume of lengths of different angles. Generally, a room which is larger in the area is perceived to be larger in size. But at times, the plan and organization of that area along with the height of the ceiling also help in determining the stature and size of that volume of space. A living room with an open plan or semi-open spaces connected with the enclosed living room area can be complemented well with the use of free-flowing modern sleek furniture set which blurs the distinction between the exterior and interiors of the space. A specific furniture piece like wall unit, panel or any furniture placed on the floor can be used to highlight a dominant dimension of space in the living room. This is an efficient design strategy to make the room appear lavish and also creative to a great extent.
Apart from these ideas, there is always an option of customization according to individual preferences and functional aid from a professional.

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