Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas ( 20 images )

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas
Though it is a powder room, you do not want it to look like a mind-numbing place. You wish to convert this dull place into a magnificent one. Hygiene being the first priority of a bathroom, you would like to look wonderful and elegant.

While having a home spa or a bubble bath or even a quick shower, your powder room experience must be memorable. Hence, we have some inspiring luxury bathroom design ideas for you.
It will be a herculean task to select the most appropriate design idea for your bathroom. You will be tempted to try each and every design. So, here we go.

Go for a Tile-covered powder room
Cover your bathroom with tiles relating to an ocean or a sea or even a lake. When you dip yourself into the bathtub, you will acquire a beautiful feeling of dipping in the ocean instead. There are a few designers who have come up such specific tiles for powder rooms. Do not forget to explore them. If your bathroom window is just near to the bathtub, then the view will be definitely fascinating!

Choose the Glitzy Bathroom theme
As it is well-known that a white colour theme is best suitable to give a royal look to a bathroom. However, if you mix it with large-sized mirrors and marble flooring, it will give a classy touch to your master bath. Choose a garden theme for the wallpaper. And pick up a chandelier that is made up of porcelain. This is a perfect combination of the white colour scheme for furniture, flooring and walls. Your bathroom will definitely look larger than it is actually. It will appear sparkling when the natural sunlight falls in the place.

Use monochromatic theme for walls and flooring
Create a bathroom inspired by the spas. Use a monochromatic pattern for walls and flooring. Pick up an elegant bathtub from the world’s popular manufacturers. Hang a unique antique painting on an empty wall.

Incorporate a Farm House Storage Space
Luxury does not mean modern. It can also refer to adopting rustic styles in your powder room. Instead of using glass as cabinet doors, use the wire screening. Yes, it will stand out in your powder room and will impart a country feel to it. Always keep a bundle of clean white towels so that it will be seen from the outside.

Use smart strategies for bathroom storage
If your bathroom is small, then you can implement some strategic storage ideas. For instance, install a mirrored cabinet in the corner of the bathroom space. Not only will the mirror create an illusion of ample space, but the cabinet will serve the purpose of storing linen and towels. You can build closed shelves near the pipes. These cabinets are used for dumping dry cleaning and laundry clothes. Hence, there is no need to keep separate baskets in the corners of the bathroom. The bathroom will look compact, without messed-up corners.

Choose a claw foot bathroom tub for a luxurious look
A claw foot bathtub embedded with gold-touch fittings will enhance the look of your bathroom place. A jewellery-inspired chandelier will be an add-on feature to the claw foot tub. It will create the necessary drama that you wanted in your powder room without much of an effort.

Use Green Floral designs and patterns for a luxurious bathroom
Use a Green colour wallpaper to accelerate the charm of your cute bathroom. It creates a soothing effect on your mind and body as soon as you enter the powder room. Green towels instead of white coloured towels will add an additional touch to your walls. Instead of using green colour in your flooring, go for a slipper chair embedded with rose’s linen. The flooring can be simple one.

Use gold-touch for all fittings and fixtures
You can use cobalt blue for your cabinet doors, white and blue coloured linen. However, if gold-touch fittings and fixtures are installed in the bathroom, it automatically gives a luxurious look. You do not have to put much effort then. Your bathtub could be a simple one, your linen are white. But the embellished fixtures will never become old and out of fashion. They will create a nautical and royal feeling in the complete home.

Incorporate a fireplace in the bathroom
Well, we have seen a fireplace in the kitchen but in a bathroom? Instead of picking up a bathtub, install a sunken bath made up of marble. When you dip in the sink, you can notice the flames flickering in the fireplace. It will be extravagant.
Thus, these luxury bathroom design ideas will create a celebrating bathroom experiences for you.

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