Living room wall decor ( 20 photos )

The living room is the most essential place in any home. It is where you come home tired after a long day. If you are bored to see the blank walls every day, it could add to the worries and dampen your good spirits. Also, any guest coming to your home will not have  a good impression about your taste or attitude on seeing blank walls. Hence if you are one to decorate your living room, you are in the right place.

You must have shifted to a new city or bought a new home, and then there will be a sure need to decorate your living room. There are numerous ideas from many people and online. But to choose the right one, it needs patience to chase your passion for it. Only the ideas which you love are of paramount importance than any advice or ideas thrust upon you. Wait patiently for the right one to strike your mind, to make you feel, this is it. Then it is time to lighten up your living room with the right decorations suited for it.

The colors and lighting are vital to decorate your living room. Apart from natural light during the day, think of the right colors and lighting that will suit to your attitude and passion.  It should reflect your personality to any guests or even remind you at certain times of distress, what you are really made of. Hence living room wall décor is not another decoration but the one that will stay with you all the way.

Living rooms are where most of us spend our time at home. The kitchen or bedroom is for their specific purposes. But the living room is where the family gathers together for the good and bad. Only the right ambiance and set up could lighten up the mood and emotions. Having the right living room wall decors could, at times, be helpful to distract feelings and get to normal. Hence having the things you like most is of  importance and could give a soothing feel of belonging and pride.

There are numerous living room décor ideas that could kindle your passion for choosing the right one. Also, the décor ideas should match the size of your walls and that of your wallet. Hence select some from the list of living room décor ideas.

  • If you love photos and want to go back the memory lane by seeing them, you can then frame pictures in an orderly and time-bound manner on the walls that could be the right choice.
  • If your taste and liking change often, then the wallpapers are the best ones. They are easily replaceable and are available at reasonable costs. You can go for landscapes, different flowers with many colors, nature at its best and many more. It could be a reflection of your mood for that particular period.
  • If you are an antique lover, you can get antiques from showrooms, galleries, and art exhibitions and fill the wall with them. They could give a sense of pride of ownership and envy from your guests.
  • If you are a book lover, make the walls into fantastic shelves to arrange your books. It could give a sense of satisfaction along with easy access to your books anytime you want it. Also, it could provide an intellectual impression on you to your guests.
  • If you love clocks and mirrors, then you can decorate your wall with mirrors and clocks. There are many antique clocks and vintage mirrors to give your wall a royal look for anyone to not forget your living room.
  • If you love plates, then there are numerous plates made of many raw materials from porcelain, glass, metals and others to arrange on the walls. There are also fantastic Italian plates that could mesmerize anyone to come and stare at them at least for a few moments. It could create a good impression of your taste and attitude towards life.
  • If you love words and phrases, then you can have canvases on your walls with the right words that could not only inspire you for the day but also your guests.
  • If paintings are your passion, then have your living room walls filled with paintings as per your budget and liking. It could give the sole satisfaction and pride of owning what you like in your living room.

Whatever may be the living room décor idea, it should be one you love and cherish for a long time.

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