Living Room Wall Art Ideas ( 20 pictures )

Living Room Wall Art Ideas

A quick and easy way of changing the ambiance of any living room lies partly in the furniture selection & arrangement, and partly with the walls. Painting is a great option to bring more cheer to the room, but exploring the creative side of adding fun, elegance, and style is worth giving a shot. With over 12 elegant, cheap and innovative living room wall art ideas, this collection will give the right dose of inspiration to inject creativity and personality into the walls.

From modern to vintage to DIY, we have incorporated living room wall art ideas of all shapes and sizes in this article; choose the one that suits you and remember to choose wall art that takes up the width of the living room wall, minus 6-12 inches on each side, so it center alignment. For example, if you have a 40-inch wall, you should choose something around 28 inches wide.

Glazed wall arts
Do you live in a modern and stylish home with a textured wall that craves for a facelift? Try glazed wall arts to achieve a unique wall decor that’ll complement your living room furniture and interiors. Take sheets of decorative papers, hand paintings made by your kids or anything that holds creativity in it, apply them on plywood and finish off with the ‘pour-on’ glaze. Let it dry for a day or two before you hang it on the walls.

Wall panels
Wall paneling is a gorgeous way to bring in a modern touch to the living room especially if the living room is neutral-themed. From Aluminium to wood, veneer, or concrete, the options are many for you to choose from.
Symmetrical grid wall art
Grouping of frames does more than what the eyes meet, especially when arranged symmetrically. To play up a sense of uniqueness, put the frames to tell a story of the favorite places visited or about the people close to your heart.

Pressed Botanical Wall Art
Art doesn’t always have to be paintings. Pressed flowers, leaves or plants inside floating frames make for a coolest and stylish way to bring earthy and natural vignette to your living room.
Postcard Wall Art
Who wouldn’t love the collage of postcards affixed on foam board of a small living room wall?  This would be a fun DIY wall art project to do with your kids in less than an hour.

Build Rows and Columns With Captured Moments
Design a family photo wall with a collection of fun and joyous moments. Include candids of the road trip you went for, kiddos playing, your wedding moments, fabulous dinners etc. Evenly arrange your images in rows and columns for a clean look.
Seasonal Hoop Wall Art
As the season changes outside, change your living room wall decor with Hoop wall arts – the cleverest of all the changeable displays on any wall.

Typography Wall Art 
Words have power; use them creatively to rejuvenate the boring living room wall that is craving for a makeover. For some typography wall art inspiration, take a look at our gallery below.

Yarn Wall Art
If you want to give a facelift to the walls of your modern living room, try your hands at a God’s eye camp craft made out of colorful yarns. They’ll give style, versatility, and most importantly the childhood camp memories. Yarn hangers of bold and bright colors will also cheer the room up.

Washi Tape Decor
Your washi tape obsession could add incredible accents to the living room wall. And yes, while doing so don’t limit yourself with solid patterns and colors, just go crazy.
Old Window Panes
If you have some old window panes from your old house, then why not use them to decorate your living room walls? Hang them on their own and add seasonal wreaths for a more cohesive look.

Music Notes On The Wall
Place captivating musical notes on the living room wall to have a sophisticated yet soothing experience. Musical notes that are metal-made or simple wallpapers/decals – which is your choice?

Decorative Round Mirrors
Don’t know how to accessorize that overlooked large wall in your living area? Well, how about a round rustic farmhouse Barnwood mirror as a central focal point? Did we forget to mention that they are ideal to expand the visual depth of a small living room?
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