Living Room Decor Ideas ( 24 photos )

Living Room Décor Ideas
Yes, decorating a living room can be a challenging task. This is because living room creates a first impression in the minds of the visitors. And ‘first impression serves the best impression’, goes the cliché. How would you feel if you enter your own living room which is dull and monotonous? You won’t feel fresh and cheerful in your own house.

But now, we have got some of the clever and whacky ideas to renovate your living room. Hey, hold on! You don’t have to revamp each and every segment of your living room. Always remember that even a small change can make a big and vibrant difference. So, here we go!

Low furniture in case of short-heighted ceilings
If the ceiling of your living room is short, then do not pack the room with heavy and high furniture because this will end up looking shorter. Hence, prefer to shop for low furniture such as a tufted coach. You can create individualized spaces in your living room by using area rugs matching with the color scheme.

A neutral background
Are you tired of staring at the beige colored walls in your living room? Then, you can go for a color scheme change. For instance, choose an inky wallpaper to cover the walls and crate a neutral look instead of a dull one. The deep blue color gives an elegant look, without looking drenched up in the dark hues.

Add more comfortable seating
If your house is full of visitors on weekends, then you have to consider this factor. The comfort of your visitors is significant for you. Every visitor should have a comfortable seating. Hence, add plush sofa, sofa chairs and cushy armchairs from all sides so that no one is left behind. You can put a small cushy bench for the kids too. So, when you have a small gathering at your home, your living room would look welcoming and comfortable.

Use classy storage pieces
Ditch all those boring storage shelves that cover the lighting and color of the living room. Choose a decorative piece that will outstand in the living room. Even fabric baskets can be used to store all the important-but not urgent stuff. From outside, it will look creative but from within, it will be a storage space.

Pick up a statement rug
We already said earlier in this article that you can even pick up some chic accessories and renovate your living room. Here is the plan. You can purchase a statement rug or a carpet that adds a creative and elegant touch to the living room. Do not forget to use complementary colors for the pillows. Even this simple idea can work as a wonder for your living room.

Add trims to the pillows and curtains
If you have a very small budget and you are good at sewing, then you can add cute trims for the pillows and curtains out of some leftover material that you really loved. Add a bean bag of the same color to create a dazzling effect.

Use curtains wisely in case of dark living room
Yes, it may happen that your living room does not receive enough natural sunlight. You can have a glass door in the balcony, letting the light flow in the room. Choose white sheer curtains, sweeping up to the floor to let more light in. Do not choose heavy curtains in this room. Your living room will look modern as well as classy due to these curtains. Accordingly, you can even create a white color scheme for the walls and the furniture.

Use natural colors
If you are tired with the usual blue, white and beige color schemes, then you can move towards the natural accents such as wood, charcoal and rust. Accordingly to these colors, you can choose the material for your furniture and accessories. For instance, choose wooden sofa sets, charcoal plated arm chairs, and rusty frame at the back. If you have a fireplace, then your living room will look like a rustic farmhouse and not a modern city home.

Use a cottage theme for the living room
If you do not like modern themes, then opting for a cottage theme will work for you. Place a simple coffee table on a jute rug in the middle of the room. Have a brick-colored wall at the background to create the specific vibe. If you love to collect vintage items such as fans, hats, pillows, and plants, then enrich your room with it.
In short, these living room décor ideas will make your house full of surprise and fun.

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