Large wall mirror decor ideas ( 20 Pics)

If there is one thing that never lies to you, it is the mirror. To fill your home wall with an appropriate mirror will not only help you with personal grooming but enlarge the space also.  Mirrors are the best design elements to provide either contrast or balance to your walls as per their use. To have the right vibes at your home large wall mirror décor ideas could be idle.

If you do not like the present states of your home walls and want them to look beautiful, it is time to check for wall mirrors.  Mirrors can be fixed easily anywhere on the walls of your choice by using a few screws and anchors.  But the big question is in what style, shape, color, with or without frame and many more. If done right, it will make you wonder, why such an easy thing at economical prices was was not done earlier to decorate the walls.

Wall mirrors are versatile and can be the focal point, which will complement existing décor and make the room appear larger and brighter, even with reflecting the natural light. With creativity, they can be easily made to become the show-stopping centerpieces in your home.  To bring the mirror magic to your home there is no need to empty your wallet, but only little innovative thinking could do that fine.  By strategically adding mirrors anywhere in your home walls, you could add life and sparkle instantly to change their dull looks. But it is important to keep the scale and theme of large wall décor ideas in your mind.  It is because a big modern mirror will look odd in a room with charming rustic décor.

If you are in the process of decorating your newly bought house or the one you have rented home, there are increasingly many modern mirror styles with different colors, shapes, and many more to choose from. To choose the one you love and live within your home, it needs a lot of patience and only a little of your money. Find the distinctive mirrors from the following many large wall mirror ideas given below

  • A place to decorate with the mirror

Every home irrespective of the size has a place to decorate with a mirror.  Also, being  an integral part of daily life to get ready for the challenge of the day, it gains importance for everyone. The budget may be small or big, but the place of fixing the mirror is only essential.

The living area is one prominent place for mirrors, and a large wall mirror with a designed framework could do wonders. Small-sized different shaped mirrors with matching frames also could lighten up your living room.

In the hallway or the bedroom are other idle places to fix mirrors on the wall to expand and brighten them.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or even a balcony garden, mirrors fixed adjacent to them will create a perception that the flowers are spread everywhere.

Mirrors & lighting

Making sure the mirrors catch the lights is the secret of decorating your home with mirrors.  The beauty of mirrors is coaxed out by light, and hence in the absence of natural light, adding appropriate lights for the mirror will make them more beautiful.  Fix your mirrors directly opposite to windows to get the maximum natural light to create a dazzling style.

Mirrors with art & TV

It is exciting and dazzling to cleverly create an interplay between mirrors and other objects like art and TV.  An art directly opposite to the mirror will make both beautiful. Also, cool mirror TVs transform into mirrors when switched off.  Or even positioning the mirror to reflect the outside view could bring a good effect.

Mirror tiles

Mirror tiles create a stunning effect when combined with lighting. It is the reason that they are becoming more popular and also due to their easy maintenance. Even mirror mosaic tiles which come in wide varieties now are the best choice for bathroom wall mirrors.

Mirror frames

Mirror frames set the styles for mirrors. They can be ornate or eclectic but will define and highlight mirrors as showpieces. Even frameless mirrors give subtle elegance to any room.  The frames also can be rustic, natural, luxurious, sleek glass, wrought metal, carved wood, and many more to give different looks.

Mirror size and shapes

Depending on the walls, the size and shapes can be chosen to make mirrors as masterpieces.  The standard shape of square and rectangular can be overlooked as per your choice.  But for focal point mirrors, round or rectangular still, are the favorites.

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