Kids Room Storage Ideas ( 30 images )

Kids’ Room Storage Ideas
Kids love to have a huge collection of toys, clothes and all the things they love. However, for you, it seems to be a herculean task to organize and store all their lovely belongings with care. Where to keep the toys, the colorful story books, and the craft materials…If you need some whacky ideas to incorporate new storage units and spaces in your kids’ bedroom, then here a few.

Before we discuss room storage ideas, let us consider some of the important factors to consider:

  • Your budget: Yes, this is a significant factor. Your kids will be growing and their idea of storage spaces will also differ with the age. Hence, you need not spend huge amounts on creating storage units. It should be reasonable yet chic.
  • What is to be stored: Analyze and note down what all items are to be stored. Any unused things, old and broken toys, old books, should be donated or discarded.
  • Type of storage spaces: The next step is to analyze the type of storage spaces to be used for various kinds of items. Boxes, baskets, shelves, bed storage, etc.
  • Getting kids’ involvement: If you child understands enough about his room, then get his opinions too. If not, you need to think from your child’ perspective and make the storage spaces bright, comfortable and chic.
  • Optimize available space: You can use wall shelves and built-in storage for optimizing available space and make the room more spacious for playing purpose.
  • Personalization: If you have more than one kid, you need to personalize it compulsorily. They need to feel a sense of belonging towards their things and be responsible for it.
  • Vibrant and appealing: Dull, monotonous colors will make your child’s storage look unappealing. Decorate it wisely and not just create it and let them use. The kids should be proud of what they have in the storage as well as the storage unit itself.

A colorful toy box
This has always been an age-old concept but it really works. Kids learn how to put all the toys away in the box when not in use. However, a colored toy box will always add value to your kids’ bedroom and his mind. Not only the kids would be happy to own a lovely toy box, but also would learn to clear spaces in the bedroom. The available space can be later utilized for having a kids’ play time session or in crafts’ activities.

Lovely slouchy baskets
If you love DIY projects, then you can prepare some nice slouchy baskets out of yarn and crochet. Be careful in choosing the colors of the baskets so as to match with the color scheme of the bedroom. Baskets are simple, portable and can carry a number of essentials. You can even place them in a corner of the room, and you earn more space.

Say bye plastic, say hi to paper
As grown-ups, we are being environmentally sustainable and are using paper bags and packets for shopping purpose. Why not inculcate the same values towards environment in the child’s mind? You can use a brown paper for preparing nice and big totes and add labels to them. For instance, one tote for your child’s toys, another one for craft supplies and so on. You can replace them as you want and the costs involved are minimal. Moreover, your kids will know which items are used in a particular bag. Since childhood, they will understand how paper bags can be utilized without a fuss.

Fabric totes – another way to say bye to plastic
If you want to try your hands at sewing, then you can invent some of the colorful patterned totes for storing things and place them in shelves. This is a great idea instead of using those plastic trays. These will look organized and classy.

Wall Shelves – But with a vibrant twist
Shelves look interesting when you add a touch of vibrancy to it. Hey, no need to put extra efforts, you just have to select the shape of the shelves and give it a go! For instance, square-shaped ones, hexagon-shaped ones will look unique in your kids’ bedroom. You may even change the back of the shelves and use colorful wallpaper to it, which can be modified at times.

Canvas bins – Matching with the room’s theme
Canvas bins are an excellent alternative to store toys and kids’ belongings. If it suits the theme of the kids’ room, then it will rock. For instance, domestic animals, wild animals, birds, and even fruits and veggies.
Enhance your kids’ room storage spaces with these cool ideas.

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