Kids Playroom Design and Ideas ( 24 Pics)

Kids Playroom Design and Ideas

It goes without saying that play is a serious business for toddlers and preschoolers. A fabulous space to cut loose is essential to their intellectual, physical, creative, and emotional development. Obviously, every parent wishes to design ‘THE BEST PLAYROOM’ for their children. Yet, in reality, blending functional and safety aspects is a tricky deal at times; but achieving all of these things isn’t difficult with our kids’ playroom design and ideas.

We’ve gathered a handful of kids playroom design and ideas to help you create a fabulous playroom that is not only filled with toys but spark your kid’s imagination and keep them safe and amused. Imbibe some inspiration from these kids playroom design and ideas, put your own spin on it, and create a space your bundle of joy will love.

Create an inviting space
Sometimes the toy-filled rooms with bright color schemes will not be able to cast a ‘play spell’ on your child. Unusual pieces of furniture, map flooring, kicky geometric prints or patterns, playful pathway creation with colorful soft rugs etc could make the kids’ playroom more inviting and exciting.

Hide and seek is fun
Playing with favorite toys is one thing, hiding in a playful tunnel is altogether another. Create a hidden hideaway and place a loft bed – it’s sure to be one magical memory for your child.

Miniatures are blessing
A cute little doll house, mini-kitchen, or a mini playroom within the playroom are some great solutions with which you can achieve the ‘wow’ factor for the kids’ playroom.

Slide Entrance
Elaborate the look of the kids’ playroom by adding a slide entrance. This alternate entrance will spruce up the appeal of the room if there isn’t a space constraint. Plus, it isn’t a costly addition especially for those dads and moms who are handy with hammers.

Interesting and Bold Accessories
A playroom is incomplete with pops of bright colors. Isn’t it? Try adding funky storage baskets, patterned rugs, bold boxes, mix and match patterned pillow covers, mural wall arts etc to rule out bland, gloomy look.

A wall to draw on
Wallpapers and decals – an age-old kids playroom design and idea. A DIY chalkboard wall – new, trendy, fun, and pocket-friendly! Start this DIY chalkboard wall project and see how a quick coat can transform the wall into a gorgeous and imaginative canvas.

Hanging Chairs
From hammock style to hanging bubble chair to floating cave hanging chair, plenty of affordable and stylish options are available to take a break from the day. So why not try one for your kids’ playroom?

Put Up Beautiful Curtains
Putting up lovely curtains that align with the lighting and interior will give an instantly chic and modern look to the kids’ playroom. Cartoon or toy themed curtains will blend seamlessly with the majority of kids playroom themes.

The Art Studio
Give the budding artist a place to let the creative juices flow without interruption. Set up a corner of the kids’ playroom with a small chair, some paint, chalk, crayons, and markers. A worthy kids playroom design and idea, huh?

Add extra storage space
Maximizing storage and shelf space is the key to keeping the kids’ playroom tidy and inviting. Storage units with open cubbies and several cabinets, horizontally arranged long shelves, or custom corner seats with built-in shelves etc are worth a shot.


Removable Wall Decals

Removable peel and stick wall decals are a fun and functional Kids Playroom Design and Idea that is on-trend amongst the interior designers and parents. From stars to vegetable to fruits to alphabets to sport themes, pick the wall decals that suits your kid’s personality.

Indoor Forts
A castle or fort for your prince and princess! While a temporary pillow, blanket or cardboard fort is always easy to make and affordable, a free-standing castle, fort or teepee would add a regal look to the kids’ playroom

A Rockstar Stage
A tiny step-up stage in the corner of the kids’ playroom is all you need to encourage the rockstar performer in your child. Your child is gonna love it!

Choose a cute bean bag
Make your little one’s playroom more comfy and cozy with some cute bean bags. Single or multiple bean bags arranged around the craft table is a fun way to create it’s-time-to-relax feel. To give an edge, pick bean bags that suits the color of the wall, pillow or interior.

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