Kids bath accessories ideas ( 20 Pics)

Kids bath accessories ideas
It is interesting for parents to add a touch of creativity filled with fun and entertainment to a kids’ bathroom. As always, the home décor industry has been paying attention to the likes and preferences of little ones and their caring parents. If you browse through online and offline stores, you tend to find a great variety of bathroom accessories right from bathtubs, doormats, stools, towels, curtains, organizers and much more.

If you have two brilliant kids, then you can choose separate themes for them. You can alter the storage spaces in the most organized and attractive manner.
Before you choose a bathroom accessories idea, here are certain pointers to consider.

Number of kids – You should design a bathroom and select bathroom accessories, taking into account the number of kids you have. In case of more than one kid, you need to give them each of them the required space and independence to enjoy.

Budget – This is an important point to consider. Remember that your kids are growing and you can’t keep the same bathroom theme when they enter into teens. Hence, allot specific budget and choose a theme that can be altered as per their changing likes and preferences.

Blending with the kids’ bedroom – The bathroom accessories should be such that it blends with the colour scheme and accessories of the kids’ bedroom too. When your kids kick-start their bright day, they should feel energetic and fulfilling the first thing in the morning.
If you want to incorporate some of the smart ideas for decorating a kids’ bathroom, then here are some of the coolest for you.

Chic bathroom theme for a girl’s bathroom
It’s a girl! Yes, you can adopt a chic style for your girl’s bathroom, making it more kid-friendly and eco-friendly as well. Choose fun colours and designs for the towels, dustbin, mirror frame and curtains. The mirror and towel shelf can be painted in muted blue and coral colours. If your curtain is of light colour, then add polka dots to it.

Paste-Stick bathroom accessories
As we already mentioned that your kids are growing and their likes and preferences keep on changing with time and their age. Hence, you can the paste-stick-remove kind of accessories that can be changed easily. For instance, your kid loves animals right now. May be next year, he will become a huge fan of a famous cartoon character. When he enters into teenage, he will fall in love with a talented celebrity. Hence, you can bring in the pictures, frames, wallpapers, storage spaces that can be easily stuck and removed without much of an effort.

Changing the essentials idea
It is not possible for a parent to change and renovate bathroom every year. However, even if you change the essentials, then you can give it a unique touch, making your kids feel that the bathroom has been changed. For instance, doorknobs or door handles, mirror frame, organizers, and curtains can be changed on an annual basis as per your kids’ likes.

Beach-theme based bathroom accessories
Kids love beach themes and you can have one for your kids too. A wallpaper based on the beach theme will be easy-to-pull and also mesmerizing for the kids. You can buy towels, napkins and doormats on the basis of this theme. You need not use only the blue colour. You can blend it with a light brown colour for some of the accessories such as brush holder and the dustbin, giving it a sandy touch.

Stick reminders on bathroom walls
If you feel that frames or images of your kid’s favourite cartoon is monotonous, then you can simply add a touch of discipline to your bathroom. Well, this is how it works. You can hang on reminders on the bathroom doors and walls such as “Wash your hands” “Rub your feet on the doormat” “Hang the towel at its place” and so on. Remember that these reminders should be written in a chic style, adding a sense of creativity to the powder room. Your kids will notice it and implement it in their daily behaviour, thus making them more disciplined. Moreover, it will be affordable and you can invest the saved amount in a classy bathtub instead.

Under the Sea bathroom accessories
You can choose bathroom accessories such as doormats, rugs, curtains, etc. as per the theme “Under the sea.” It could be in the form of star fishes, dolphins, shrubs, shells, pebbles and even a mermaid if you have a baby girl.
So, there you are! Renovating your kids’ bathroom accessories in an elegant and entertaining way.

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