Inspirational Living Room Lighting Ideas ( 20 photos )

Inspirational living room lighting Ideas

Be it designing a brand new home or revamping old one, homeowners put all focus on walls, furniture, floor area etc., and lights as an afterthought. However, as we know, the right lighting ties everything together in the living area (or any other room for that matter). That said, we’d love to share a handful of inspirational living room lighting ideas that are sure to take your home to next level.
Ranging from ambient to task to accent light, this list covers illuminating inspirations of all shapes and sizes- no matter how dark/open/large/or small your living room is. (Our gallery has 20 best picks for the most amazing living room lighting ideas around the world, don’t forget to check)

Natural Light
Nothing can beat the ambiance the natural light creates in your living room. And what better ways to achieve that than with the window, especially a south-facing one that can bring in passive lights?
Paper Lanterns
For a pleasing and attractive lighting, add paper-lanterns to your living room decor. Hung them individually or in groups to match the interior and furniture arrangement.
Hang a Chandelier
Have a living room that has high ceilings and minimal wall art? Then, hang a chandelier to give the living room enough illumination and a luxurious visual interest.

Ceiling Fixtures
For any living room that is large and in short of natural light, multiple ceiling fixtures should be the lighting choice to achieve an overall glow. A handy tip: pick dimmable ceiling fixtures so you can change the vibe according to the need/occasion.
Flushmount Ceiling Lights
The decorative beauties can bring a luxurious feel to any living area that has a low ceiling. If you prefer a little more sophistication, try your hands at the semi-flushmount ceiling lights.
Bring in a Floor Lamp
Don’t like hurting the wall and ceiling to add lights? Bring in a floor lamp! Available in a multitude of designs and styles – white roundel shades, drum shade and metal stand, arched floor lamps, Capiz lamps to name a few – pick the one that matches the style and budget.

Table Lamps for Side Tables
For that extra light requirement in your living room, install a table lamp. To create depth, dimension, and order pick a beautiful pair of stacked rock lamp for your living area.
Shed light on arts
Why not shed some light on your precious art collection? Picture lights, wall washers, accent lights mounted on walls or ceiling – few names to chew on! Highlighting bookcases is also an emerging trend we’re seeing of late.
Recessed Lighting
The hidden tiny recessed lights are the easiest ways to add style and functionality to the living room especially, the ones with a low ceiling.
Pretty Pendant Lamp
Modern pendant lamps blend seamlessly into any living room that has subtle white walls and low ceiling. Not only it is an ideal way to cheat the eyes but saves the additional cost of an overhead light.

Backlighting and uplighting
Place an accent light below or behind living room accent wall, wall art or anything that creates a visual interest, which gives the living area a unique halo ambiance.
Light for fireplace
Does your living room arrangement include a fireplace? If yes, don’t make it an odd man out by keeping it in dark. Add a pair of tiny lamps or sconces to instantly brighten the mantel area.
Sconces are the trend
Limited square footage in the living room? Install a pair of sconces – why worry? A wall-mounted sconce light is an ideal way to highlight the architectural beauty of the room while achieving a great illumination.
Bring in Tiffany Lamps
Thinking what to do with that empty, awkward corner in the living area? Put an easy chair, a table and let that gorgeous Tiffany lamp you bought online sit proudly atop.

Brilliant mood lighting
Focus a particular decor piece or element of your living area with the brilliant mood lighting. From subtle LED fixtures, modern track lights, elegant accent light pieces to chandeliers, the choices are endless.
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