How to style dead corners in the Living room ( 20 photos )

How to style dead corners in the Living room

Let’s face the facts: when finalizing the decor no one expects the so-called dead corners can throw down a gauntlet on the liveliness of their living room. Having said, we agree that some corners are meant to be left untouched while others can have a little something to amp up the overall functionality and life. So, what can be done with that tricky-to-style dead corner that needs a spruce up? How about squeezing in a nook or a floating shelf? Want more ideas on how to style dead corners in the living room?

Read on for some simple yet effective ways to transform the dead corner into an inviting spot.
1. Create a sitting area
A corner is a perfect spot for a plush armchair and a compact and stylish side table. Be sure to pick a small to moderate size chair to avoid the crowded look.
2. A reading corner is a bliss
If the dead corner in the living room has plenty of natural light, why not place a small book tree, a pouf, and a lamp to make it a cozy reading corner? Or you could try a bookseat after all; it is made exclusively for the book lovers.

3. Take advantage of floor lamps
Irrespective of whether you have a minimalist, contemporary, traditional or vintage living room – you can’t go wrong with the floor lamps. Be it illuminating the dark corners, adding height and dimension, or acting as a statement piece floor lamps can do things far beyond our imagination.
4. Bring in a corner fireplace
The corner fireplace is probably a great idea if you have square footage limitations. Not only does it makes the room cozier but creates a location for the TV without interfering with other decor parts.
5. Bring the outdoors in
What better way to fill the emptiness of the dead corner in the living room than a tall, lush green houseplant? Yes, tall and bold leafy plants are great to green up the dead corner especially if the living room has a corner window.

6. Opt for corner chaise lounge
The corner of a small living room is actually an ideal place for a corner chaise lounge. Customization makes the corner chaise lounges a more reliable decor piece to style dead corners in the living room.
7. Add wall mounted floating shelves
A great space saving idea that adds style to the dead corner of a small living room! Slim and triangular wooden shelves fixed on the lonely corner are great to hold your favorite books, awards, toys, coffee mugs, candle holders, framed pictures or flower vases.
8. Build a stylish storage unit
You don’t have to be a wizard of light bulb moments to bring this idea into life; just the basic carpentry skills and few plywood pieces are enough to create a storage shelf to keep music player, remote or other electronic items.

9. DIY Corner Gallery wall
Bring in-depth, dimension, and style to the dead corner of the living room by hanging artworks or family photographs. Mix and match frames of different sizes for a unique and coherent look.
10. Place a statement Mora Clock
Yes, it is old-fashioned but integrates seamlessly into the corner of any rustic, vintage, Scandinavian or modern living room. The contrast it creates is eye-catchy, indeed.
11. Set up a bar or coffee station
How cool is a mini bar at the empty dead corner in the living room? Arrange a small bar cart or occasional table to hold the drinks, ice bucket, and glasses in the corner and you are done!

12. Indoor Hammock or hanging chairs
They come in all designs, colors, and shapes to add an unexpected welcoming touch to any living room. The best part – hammocks and hanging chairs are loved by adults and kids alike. But we love hammocks a bit more because hammocks add style even its not in use.
So, what do you think about these ideas to style the dead corners in Living room? Do you find them simple and functional as we do? As always cast your vote by clicking on the black button below.
And yes, we would love to know your opinion, so please share your comments below! If you have more tried and tested ideas in your arsenal, please share them too – we would love to read them.

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