How to setup luxury master bedroom ideas? ( 13 pictures )

How to setup luxury master bedroom ideas?
Prior to decoration of a luxury bedroom, it is essential to plan its setup beforehand. Not only will you get an idea to place the furniture properly, but you will also think of creative décor ideas.
Let us get into deep detail about how to setup a luxury master bedroom.

Placement of bed
The significant component in a master bedroom is the bed. Avoid placing a bed in the diagonal position. Choose a bed that is not only comfortable for you but also appropriate for the room size. A headboard is a must for a bed because this is going to one of the creative décor aspects in the later stage.

The Nightstands
Nightstands are for showing off, storing necessary items and a cute centerpiece. Decide what you want to store inside it. If storing is a secondary objective, then you have the liberty to choose nightstands as per the décor aspect. When you sit on your bed, your nightstand must be easily accessible without any stopping or bending forwards. You can enhance the color scheme and texture of your room with the nightstands.

The Ceiling
Another important yet ignored aspect in setting up of a master bedroom is the ceiling. When you relax on your bed, you will be frequently looking at the ceiling. Hence, you need to set it up beautifully. Decide beforehand whether you want to have exposed beams, accent lighting, a striped ceiling, or a ceiling with floral designs. Always keep in mind that there are a number of ceiling décor ideas available in the market. You ought to check them out and try them out. If you want to be simple, then choose a neutral color for the ceiling and play with the colors of the walls.

The Lights
As you are spending most of the time in the master bedroom at night, artificial lights play an important role. A variety of lighting options are offered by the home décor industry such as chandelier, table lamps, sconces, cove lights, and so on. Lighting needs to be mild and soothing and not distracting for the eyes.

The Sitting Area
Do you need a sitting area or a seating in the bedroom? Probably, yes. You won’t need a big sitting area but a small one would be great for having a quick chat at night with your partner. A small desk and a chair in the corner of a room would be a great add-on! This is not your ideal work space but a small area where you can think, relax on the chair, write something or read a good book before you catch sleep. If you need a bookshelf adjacent to it, you can definitely add one. A cushy couch is also nice for family members to gossip and chat about the day.

Creating sufficient amount of space
If you do not have a separate master bedroom in your house, then you can definitely create space for it. For instance, you have a wonderful attic or a loft room with beams and a wooden ceiling. Convert it into your master bedroom without any worry. You can even incorporate a dressing area and a sitting area in that room.

The Walls
If we can enhance the look of the ceilings, then we can even improvise the walls considerably. Stripes on a wall look great and if you are applying a pattern to it, it will look great. For instance, black and white stripes on the two walls that lead to the master bathroom. Do not forget to use muted blue linen to complement it.

Choose a theme
The simplest and a wonderful thing is to setup your master bedroom on the basis of an attractive theme. For instance, you can incorporate a country theme in your bedroom by painting the walls with light yellow color and picking up yellow-and-green floral linen and accessories for the bed and curtains. Do not forget to add a lamp shade on the nightstand. The bed and the nightstand can be of white color. Thus, a combination of yellow-, green and white colors makes a fresh country theme.

Add Elegance
You have many opportunities to add elegance to your master bedroom. For instance, a four-poster bed creates a mesmerizing look and gives a soothing sensation to your mind. If you covering up the entire bed with lacy white curtains or the sheer ones, then it will offer a romantic touch to your bedroom.
So, we hope that these setup ideas are worth to be implemented in your master bedroom.

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