How to setup a small living room area? ( 20 pictures )

How to setup a small living room area?
If you have a small living room space, then you need not get disheartened. You can apply some tips and tricks and make it appear spacious and large. You can setup the space brilliantly and make every visitor of your house pleasant when he enters the living room.

However, keep one thing in mind. If you are using the old-school traditional ideas for setting up your small living room, then it won’t help much. You have to broaden your horizon and think of expanding the room visually.

Before we move ahead towards the setup ideas, let us understand the elements to consider:

  • Furniture: This is the most important element. You need to decide first which pieces of furniture are required in the living room. Please remember that the furniture you choose must be the essential for you and not the ones shown in house décor magazines.
  • Draw a layout: If you are good at chalking out things, then you can draw different configurations on the paper and decide how to setup. For instance, TV should be placed at a place from where everyone can watch it.


  • Make innovative changes: It is fine if you place the coffee table adjacent to the sofa and not in the middle. You can add your creativity in order to fit in the small living room.
  • Try combinations: If you are choosing a big sofa, then select other furniture items that are minimalist in size and appearance.

Here are some of the brilliant setup ideas for your understanding.

Mirror-Mirror on the wall
Though this idea appears a traditional one, it has been rocking since ages. You need to think of the strategic locations in your home where you can place the mirrors. If you are installing it at the central place, then it will definitely illuminate, add an elegant touch. Alternatively, you can also place the mirror behind a lamp shade or a candle stand. Another trick is to place it near the window so that it reflects the beautiful view.

Use a neutral color scheme
This is also one of the well-known ideas for setting up a living room. Neutral colors need to be used for the walls, furniture as well as the ceiling. Visitors entering the room will feel soothing and calm due to the soft hues. You may use beige, white or off-whites or even a combination of these colors.

Always purchase lightweight furniture
This idea does not mean that you have to select furniture by its actual weight. No, you need not measure it. Sounds amusing, right? Our idea is to select furniture that appears lightweight due to the factors such as color, design, pattern and size. For instance, soft colors will be better than bright red or royal blue ones. While choosing coffee tables, opt for glass ones and not for the sold wooden ones. The furnishing should not obstruct the view, but should give a clear sight.

Purchase limited furniture and furnishings
Your small living room should not be crowded with numerous furniture items placed adjacent to each other. You have to skip those chairs and sofas with cushy arms as these will block the space. You have to skip certain items that are not required regularly such as a couch. Furniture in the living room also depends on the footfall of the visitors. If few visitors drop in your place, then no worries. Skip that heavy rug even though it looks exquisite because it will block the view and visitors won’t be able to walk around properly. Choose a statement rug instead.

When we say neutral and soft colors, we do not imply at all that your room should become dark. Even a cozy living room space does not mean dark and dull. The lighting part comes to surface now. Use windows properly. Do not block the windows with heavy curtains. Choose light patterned, free flowing ones. You can arrange lights strategically so that even a small space will look bigger and spacious at night.

Hidden storage spaces
We don’t mean to store things in a living room, but you can still stock up the unnecessary items using in-built storage coffee tables. A credenza will look better instead of putting up a console table.

Optimize the vertical space
If your small living space has high ceilings, then optimize that strength. Fill it with art images or your own artistic creations. It will serve an impression of a highly decorated living room. You can even use plants in corners to add depth.
Thus, these ideas are effective when you plan a setup of your small living room area.

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