A living room is the stage of a home. They display the attitude, culture, and way of living of the people in the home. This stage is where we invite guests and spend our time with the family. Family values are the utmost need of the day and it happens only in the living room. Living rooms make our life relaxed and happy. Bedrooms may be for dreams but living rooms are for memories for a lifetime. The living room which is the meeting room of the family is meant for meaningful discussions for the betterment and wellbeing of the family. Any elephant in the room of a family could be sorted out in the living rooms. The search over the world ends for anyone in his living room.
   Basics of the living room: Living rooms should be cosy enough but also with living conditions. A theme of the family’s liking can be incorporated in the setting up of living room with furniture, windows, curtains, wallpapers, floor rugs, lighting and many more to bring in luxury and necessity

  Ventilation: The living room should be constructed with the proper ventilation. Today’s air pollution and environmental hazards could bring in various illness can be avoided with proper windows which provide fresh air.  Also, the view of the living room should be focused on mother nature. Nature is where everyone especially children could learn new things every day.
  Curtains: The coloring of the living room which should be pleasing for the views should match with the curtains which could bring in the necessary ambience in the living room. Curtains should be of excellent quality and taste.  With the technological development, there are assorted options for curtains to choose from as per the taste of the family members especially the kids.

Lighting: The lighting in the living room is very essential to bright up the evenings in the minds of family members. A full day hectic activity in school or office ends in the living room.  An electric, radiant and vibrant lighting could give in the comfort of relaxing and happy.  With the availability of various kinds of lights with assorted colors and models, care should be taken to choose the right lighting for the living room for wonderful evenings and morning all through the life.
Furniture: Furniture provides the facelift and space allocation of the living room where most of the living happens. Furniture could be contemporary or traditional, but it should suit to the needs, space of the room and above all to the likings of the residents living in the home. Innovative ideas for furnishing within the budget is the key to a wonderful living room. The furniture could be arranged accordingly to give in space, comfort, and luxury.

Arranging a great room: Whatever is the space of your living room it could be arranged with furniture to its best. The focal point of the effective arrangement should be the French doors. The French window which is casement windows to the floor level is the key to any living room. If homes without French doors fireplace or any good ventilated window could be the cornerstone of the living room design.
Symmetrical furniture arrangements: Furniture should be arranged symmetrically to give a better view and space. The face to face conversations and space to accommodate not only the family members but also the guests in a proper way is provided by symmetrical arrangement. An L shape is a common arrangement with chairs to help in need.
Diagonal furniture arrangement: Diagonal arrangement of the room gives the boxy look of a luxury hotel lounge. This also provides extra space in the living room with a welcoming pathway. The sofa and coffee table could be arranged accordingly to establish a diagonal axis and the additional seating also on the same axis. The floor rug is to align accordingly with the focal point to provide a diagonal arrangement.

Furniture to divide living room: Furniture could be arranged to divide the room for activity zones like eating, gaming, snoozing, watching TV and many more. The furniture should be selected accordingly as per the space available in the living room for this purpose. The arrangement should be done innovatively for providing space for these activity zones.
Wallpapers: Wallpapers of usual colors and with images of nature or as per the choice of the family or quotes and inspirational writings could be used to make living in the room happy and creative. These could be changed from time to time as per the situation in the family.
Things in the living room only make living better but to live better it is necessary to have an ever learning and present, happy mind.


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