How to decor a small living room? ( 20 images )

How to décor a small living room?
Have you recently moved to a house that has a tiny living room? Well, you do not have to be puzzled while decorating such as tiny space because with creativity and right strategy, it can also be turned into a cute living room. It doesn’t matter whether you are the owner of the house or a tenant, you can still make it stylish with a limited budget and effort.

A living room is not only for the visitors. It is also for you and your family members, to watch television, to relax, to have a family convo, or to just chill. It is your lively spot in your entire house. Let us start working.

Add elegance with white
Imagine a living room with white color and furniture. You can add accents of soft colors for corner table, plants and lamp shades. Of course, it will look elegant as ever. Your tiny living room will look magnificent and brighter.

Adjust as per the room shape
When you say small living room, then have you ever analyzed its shape? Yes, small spaces could be rectangular, or square-shaped or even weird shaped. It is not your fault. You can still make it better and chic by turning a wall into a focal point. Or you may even set up a parlor-style furniture at one wall. Remember that a living space with an odd shape can be made more innovative and classy.

Play with the textiles and fabric
Another idea to decorate your living room on a timely basis is to play with the curtains, cushions, and sofa textiles. The best thing is that you can keep changing this fabric from time to time, whenever you feel it boring or when new visitors are expecting at your place. You can create it into a boho room. A cotton tapestry, an inviting rug and pillows will look gorgeous. Even if you have this appealing fabric in your living room, then you do not have to worry much about the furniture and coloring costs. Be simple!

Choose the perfect sofa
You do not have to pick up the most expensive and classy looking sofa. But you have to choose a sofa that fits perfectly in your tiny living room. If you living room is not only small but also narrow, then you can place a sectional sofa and block one side of the room. Forget about the usual armchairs now! Use the other wall for placing a TV set and keeping the windows open, leaving your room with refreshing light and air.

Choose gold décor items
If you are totally confused with the décor items to choose for a small living room, then we have a simple solution. Simply opt for gold décor! Use gold for the lamp shade, wall hanging and other furniture items. It will always look glamorous with a white color scheme. An apartment-size sofa set and a transparent coffee table will add the elegant look.

A Library-Themed Living Room
If you are a huge fan of books or if you are a writer or an author, then a library-themed living room will definitely work for you. Choose antique flower vases, a small sofa and two chairs for the conversation part. Install floor-to-ceiling book shelves and place all your favorite books into it. Get your assorted mini library at home itself. Visitors will instantly get an idea that you are a book lover and would love to sit and converse with you in this room. With this beautiful theme, it will never occur to anyone that the living room is small.

A living room in a studio apartment
If you are living in a studio apartment and do not have the luxury of a separate bedroom and a living room, then you can simply be creative. Choose sofa beds that can be utilized as sofa chairs during the day and can be converted into cozy beds at night. Hey, do not forget to use good fabric for the daytime sofa chairs. Need not worry about the linen as you can tuck it properly in a trunk.

Optimize the corners
Usually blocking the corners is not recommended. But if you have a tiny space, then you can place a corner sofa and coffee tables and keep the rest of the space available. Your corners are occupied but the rest of the living room is free for the footfall.
These ideas will definitely help you in decorating your tiny yet cute living room in the most fascinating way.

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