How to decor a small bathroom? ( 22 pictures )

How to décor a small bathroom?
The challenge is not making a small bathroom appear bigger, but to make it look beautiful and classy. If you think that a small bathroom looks congested and can never look attractive, then you are not right. With minimal but exquisite pieces of furniture, flooring and tiles, one can make a small bathroom appear attractive and classy.

Before we move ahead towards the small bathroom decorating ideas, let us discuss some of the elements to consider:

  • Do not disturb the existing pattern: Your aim is to add a touch of creativity to your small bathroom, and not to refurbish it completely. Hence, keep the existing pattern intact and think of some coolest ideas of decorating it.
  • Be minimalist but classy: This is the thumb rule while decorating a small bathroom. You should not load your bathroom in large-sized pieces. But choose antique ones and those that match with your home theme.
  • Take care of your budget: Be specific and decorate your bathroom within your fixed budget.
  • Keep scope for more space: Your new bathroom plan should be such that it gives scope for more space. When you enter the bathroom, you should not feel blocked up but should feel free to move around, even if it is small in size.

Here are some of the brilliant ideas to decorate your small bathroom.
Use soothing colors
Use colors that are soothing for the mind and not overwhelming as you enter the small powder room. For instance, colors such as white, off-white and wood always top the list. You can add a tile pattern to the flooring and choose white tiles. So, instead of using a typical rug and blocking up the space, the tiled floor adds a creative and permanent touch. Due to the white and off-white combination, the bathroom looks peaceful and calm.

Blend print and texture
People avoid mixing of prints and textures as it looks messed up. But you can still blend it perfectly if you choose a single color. For instance, if you are choosing a pink-and-white printed shower curtain, then pick up a pink-textured rug to create a pattern. You can even choose multiple prints and textures using the same color.

Create a colorful palette using available accessories
If you are tight on budget and still want to add a colorful enigma to your small bathroom, then here is the idea. If there is a storage unit hung on one of the bathroom walls, then you can add colorful towels and napkins by placing it properly. Do not use white colored napkins in this idea. Your storage unit should be loaded with colorful towels such as blue-and-green combination, pink-and-blue combination or yellow-and-green combination, making the powder room look lively.

Optimize the window space
If you have a beautiful window still in your powder room, then you can optimize it too. You can place glass jars containing bath salts and bubble bath supplies. In this way, you can reach to your bath necessities immediately and the glassware will add a touch of elegance to the bathroom. It is a classy yet practical idea.

Use unique shelving ideas
If you have bought simple hooks for hanging towels in your powder room, then we are afraid this idea won’t look good. Instead of buying those common hooks, choose a unique shelf-cum-hook combo. You can display your bathroom supplies on the shelf and choose hooks to hang towels. Always keep in mind to choose a unique one that will enhance your bathroom look. Increase your budget on this item.

Utilize the entire wall space
If there is a single empty wall available in your bathroom, then optimize it completely by creating a big storage unit. You can divide the unit into closed cabinets and open shelves. The closed cabinets should be given wooden finishing along with a mirror. Store all your bathroom supplies in it. The open shelves should be added with a patterned tile at the background. You can display fancy bathroom items on this open shelf.

Add a tile wall behind the mirror
If you are choosing a complete white bathroom scheme, then you can create a unique look by adding a tile wall behind the mirror. Choose mixed colors on the tile wall and pick up accessories, towels and supplies on the basis of those colors. It will create a different personality for your small powder room, without much of an effort.

Opt for unique and antique fixtures
One of the coolest ideas is to collect antique and unique fixtures for your bathroom such as an old stool or a dresser. A vintage look always rocks.
Thus, these ideas will help you in decorating your small bathroom.

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